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a match for my heart

The largest side of the heart is the left side
What structure prevents backflow into the heart Heart valves
The ascending aorta is continuous with... arch of aorta
The connective tissue in the heart wall forms Fibrous skeleton of the heart
There are two major set arteries Elastic arteries & Muscular arteries
Large blood vessels are known as Vasa vasorum
Capillaries merge to form Venules
Arterioles are also known as Resistance vessels
After birth this blood vessel closes leaving ligamentum arteriosum
Carries blood to all organs except the lungs system arteries
Ensures that the cusps of the AV valves permit blood to flow into the ventricles Papillary muscles
Flow of Blood that penetrate the myocardium Coronary circulation
The walls of blood vessels consist of three major layers(T/F) true
Vasodilation occurs when smooth muscle contract(T/F) false
Vascular tone stiffens the vessel wall(T/f) True
Capillaries merge to deliver Oxygenated blood into systemic venules(T/F) false
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