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renaissance and reformation test

Francis Bacon 1561-1626 Science will help social problems, doesn't find accept with this belief. English Philosopher, statesman and scientist, served as attorney general and lord chancellor of England
John Tetzel 1465-1519 German Dominican friar who supported indulgences, abused the sacrament of penance. sells indulgences
Johannes Kepler 1571-1630 Brahe's first assistant German astronomer who discovered 3 major laws published "the new astronomy" Discovers the orbit of planets is elliptical, the sun isnt where it was though to be placed Cant explain why why theyre eliptical
Paracelsus 1493-1541 Physician, Philospher and Astronomer Wrote Astronomia Magna Believed in astrological talisams for curing disease --> Disease came from outside the body and could be cured by supplying chemicals, not herbal remedies
The Great Schism 1378-1417 pope Gregory dies, cardinals come to elect new pop, elect urban vi, Italian pope who wanted to make the cardinals live more simply french leave and elect clement IV excommunicate e/o Council of piza in 1409 elects Alexander V ends w/ mart
Jan Hus 1369-1415 Arrested and executed for beliefs attack basis of church hierarchy with scriputre Condemns the sale of indulgences, demands clerical poverty
Transubstantiation Stays incorporated in council of trent 1545-63, the wine becomes the blood and the bread becomes the body.
Diet of worms 1521 Imperial Council convened to decide the fate of martin luther Held in worms germany Charles the V was at the diet
Catherine of Aragon 1509-1533 (married to henry 8) Marries Arthur who dies after their wedding. Shes held up in a tower until Henry is 18 and she gives to birth to Mary, henry divorces her after he separates from church
Thomas Cramer 1st protest archbishop of canterbury (1533-56) Put the english bible in parish churches, drew up the anglican book of prayer. Convicted of Heresy and killed by Mary I
Consistory Church council or court Council of cardinals with or without pope Church of england - court presided over by a bishop
Frederick the wise of Saxony 1486-1525 Protected Martin Luther from being killed after his excommunication and helped create the lutheran religion in germany
Elders Position of authority and its a well respected title given to people of wisdom. Peter Brugal
Indulgence 1095- intro of indulgences Full or partial remission of punishment and sin, so that means less time in purgatory Began as earned in the crusades, sold and then back to earned
95 theses 1517 written by martin luther posted it to the cathedral doorin wittenberg details problems with catholic church including the sale of indulgences and sacraments
Council of trent held b/w 1545-1563 set of meetings that played a role in revitalizing many ideas of the roman catholic church and defining heresy.
epicycles planets are orbiting around their orbits in a corkscrew like formaton. Theory was wrong but it put the planets and sun in the right place at the right time
Predestination God knows where you are going to end up when you die the moment you're created.
Peace of Augsburg 1555 first permanent legal basis for co-existance of lutheranism and Catholicism in germany. allowed princes to pick either luthernism of their region, and that religion became the regions religion.
Tycho Brahe 1546-1601 - geocentric theory Astronomer, Creates the most complete pre-telescope like device include comprehensive study of the solar system and accurate placements of 777 fixed stars
Pope Leo X 1513-1521 Depleted papal treasury and didnt take the reformation seriously which lead to the dissolution of western church Excommunicated Luther for views an indulgences and his heresy of the sacraments.
Purtians Late 16th-17th century religious reform movement that sought to purify the church of England of any remaining catholic ideology.
Inquisition 1233 it was the authorization by the pope to find and punish heretics with torture
Anne Boleyn 1533-1536 (married to henry) executed by hennry second wife of henry viii has a daughter that is Elizabeth the first
Armada 1588 great fleet sent by phillip of spain to conquer england for their heresy against the catholic church, Was defeated by the "protestant wind" which was a large storm that swept the ships of course leading to the failure of the armada
Cuius regio, eius religio 1555 latin phrase which means whose realm his religion - The ruler could dictate the religion of his region
anabaptism 1520-30's radical during protestant reformation that believed in adult baptism, becomes too radical for main stream protestant religions. Said only adults could be baptized because they could consent to it
John Wycliffe 1329-1384 English priest and scripture scholar who attacked the materialism of the catholic church, wanted to return to scriptural Christianity. His teachings were condemned but the king protected him