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Gov Unit 1

Government 12

Political Culture The characteristics and deep seeded beliefs of a political people
Rights Are granted/insured to us by the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence
Liberty People should be free to act and think as they choose as long as they do not infringe on the rights of others
Equality The ideal that people are equal in their moral worth, treatment under law and political voice
Self Government Idea that people are the ultimate source of governing authority, based on majority rule
Individualism Idea that people should take the initiative and be self sufficient
3 major ideals of America Liberty Equality Self Government
Unity Americans as one people forming a union
Diversity Group differences should be respected and are a source of national strength
Ideals Are both powerful and limited, define the boundaries of action, but are not perfect rep. of our practices
Politics The process through which a society settles conflicts
2 main sources of political conflict 1. Scarcity 2. Differences in values
Scarcity Not having enough wealth/resources
Social contract Created by Thomas Hobbes; people surrender some freedom in return for protection
John Locke Citizens should have certain "inalienable right" and protection against the power of a tyrant
Democracy People govern either directly or indirectly
Oligarchy Government by the few
Autocracy Absolute control by a single person
Rules of American Politics 1. Democracy 2. Constitutionalism 3. Capitalism
Constitutionalism Limits to the power of govt. over its citizens
Capitalism Govt. with as little interference as possible in the economy
Public Policy Decision of govt. to follow a course of action to produce a particular outcome
Absolute power/ totalitarian rule Complete dominance over individuals and institutions
Majoritarianism Majority prevails
Pluralism Special interest groups have power
Elitism Power is held by a small number of well connected or wealthy individuals that are highly influential (C. Wright Mills)
Bureaucratic Rule Max Weber theory that power resides with in large organizations and career administrators make more key decisions than elect officals
Inputs Public opinion/ voting, elections, and political parties
Political system Congress, presidency, bureaucracy, judiciary
Outputs Economic and social welfare policy and foreign and defense policy
3 major rules of american politics 1. Democracy 2. Constitutionalism 3. Capitalism
Created by: KayleemWhite
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