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A & P 102 test 3

What condition results from inflammation and/or contraction within the trachea and bronchi causing difficulty breathing asthma
in what structure of the lungs does gas exchange occur alveoli
what type of molecules have names that end in -OSE saccharides
which type of lipid will contain zero carbon to carbon double bonds saturated
approximately how many calories does a gram of protein have. 4.1
in an adult, too little vitamins D can lead to what condition osteopsorosis
name one of the structures in the brain that contains a respiration control center. Pons
what structure of the male reproductive system is on the posterior side of the bladder seminal vessicles
within a renal loop, the ....... loop is permeable to water and the ..... loop is permeable to ions descending.... ascending
what structure exits the kidney and carries urine to the bladder uterers
Sensory information from the lungs is sent to the respiratory control centers via what nerve vagus
name on function of potassium fluid balance, nerve impulse function, cardiac function
if a patient eats 3000 calories a day but their body only burns 2500 calories a day, how many days will it take for them to gain 1 pounds 7 days
the triangular shaped structure inside a kidney is called a renal pyramid
name one place you would find peripheral chemoreceptors. aorta, carotid arteries
what part of the nephron is where most of the filtrate produced in the kidneys is reabsorbed? where glucose is reabsobed proximal convoluted tubule
.... soluble vitamins can be stored and build upin our bodies lipid
the.. contains the central chemoreceptors which detect changes in ..... in the blood/CSF. medulla... ph
what is the open space behind the mouth called oropharynx
what condition results from damage to the walls between the small sacs within the lungs, reducing the surface area for the gas exchange. emphysema
what is the approximate partial pressure of oxygen in tissues within our bodies 40mm HG
what is the byproduct of fat metabolism ketone bodies
within the lungs, how does oxygen get into deoxygenated blood a) simple diffusion b) iron transport across the capillary wall c) facilatated diffusion d) hemoglobin receptors in cappillaries e) active transport simple diffusion
Which type of nephron has a long loop and has a larger role in regulating fluids juxtamedullary
in a male, directly after the urethra exits the bladder is the... gland prostate
the..... volume is the additional lung volume not typically used during regular breathing and is approximately 3000ml in volume. inspriatory reserve
what piece of cartilae covers the vocal cords thyroid cartilage
what is the final portion of the nephron that connects to a collecting duct. distal convoluted tubule
once blood has been oxygenated in the lungs, it returns to the heart via what part of blood vessels pulmonary veins
the renal papilla empties into what structure minor calyx
when diaphragm contracts, which if following are true a)volume in lungs decreases b) volume in lungs increases c) volume in the lungs incrases but the pressure remains the same as before d) pressure in lungs decreases e) pressure in lungs increasess volume in lungs decreases, pressure in lungs decreases
what blood vessels surround the tubules in a nephron and reabsorb the fluid exiting the tubules vasa recta
what hormone can affect the water permeability of the nephron and collecting duct anti-diuretic hormone
what blood vessels carry blood out of the kidneys renal veins
what structure of the respiratory system contains the vocal cords larynx
if a patient complains of difficulty seeing at night, what vitamin might they need to get more of in their diet. Vitamin A
what nerve innervates the diaphragm and causes it to contract phrenic
name one of the hormones the kidneys produce eyrthropoietin
within the kidneys, the bundle of capillaries inside the renal corpuscle is called glomerulus
what is the approximate size of the residual volume in the lungs a) 500 ml b) 3000 ml c) 5800ml d) 1200ml e) 4600ml 1200 ml
what connective tissue structure surrounds the outside of the kidney renal capsule
.... pressure will push fluid out of a capillary within a nephron and ..... pressure will push fluid back into the capillary hydrostatic...... osmotic
at the carina, the trachea splits into the left and right main bronchi
the final tube that carries air into the small sacs of the lungs is called a alveolar duct
what structure do the epithelial cells of the respiratory tract use to move particles out of the lungs cilia
what structures in the upper airway help humidify and warm air before it reaches the lungs turbinates
if the partial pressure of the CO2 in our blood increases, what will happen blood ph will decrease, hemoglobin will be less saturated at the give oxygen concentration
what is the function of surfactant prevent collapse of the alveoli
as a percentage of the total filtrate produced each day by our kidneys, approximately how much will be excreted as urine. 1%
what is the normal resting tidal volume" 500ml
a deficiency in what vitamin can lead to homephelia k
the major..... empty into the renal .... which exits the kidney at the hilum. calyx....... pelvis
what is the approximate average dialy caloric intake for an individual in america 3770 calories
excess calories will be stored as.. in our bodies fat
what is the function of vitamin B12 a) red blood cell production b) glucose metabolism c) fat metabolism d) collagen production e) acts as an antioxidant red blood cell production
what are the holes in the capillaries within a renal corpuscle called? bowman's space
what cranial nerve number is the vagus nerve 10
what structure releases the hormone in the pons pituitary gland
what type of epithelium lines the bladder transitional
Created by: Miccimouse
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