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Reformation and War

Protestant Reformation, Catholic and Counter Reformations, Wars of Religion

Name basic causes of the Protestant Reformation. Corruption of Catholic church. Impact of Renaissance humanism. Declining prestige of papacy. Influence of religious reformers. Resentment of secular rulers over powers of popes and clergy. Invention of printing press.
What corruption of the Catholic church helped cause the Protestent reformation? Sale of church offices (simony) Indulgences. Nepotism.
How did the impact of Protestantism help the Protestant reformation? Humanist ideas contradicted church ideas. The Church started to lose the "spirit" of Christ's message.
How did the prestiege of the papacy decline? Babylonian Captivity. Great Schism. Moral decline. Involvment in secular politics.
What was the Babylonian Captivity? The popes took up residence at Avignon. (wouldn't go.)
What was the Great Schism? Two popes were elected. One in Rome, one in Avignon.
What did Wycliffe and Hus advocate? Personal communication with God. Diminshed importance of sacraments. Weakened clergy.
Why did the secular rulers resent the popes? The secular rulers didn't want papal supremacy over the state. Wanted the land of the Church.
Who was Tetzel? Friar that sold indulgences under Pope Leo X.
What were indulgences supposed to do? Resolved sins of those that died to make their way to heaven easier.
What did Matin Luther nail to the door of the Wittenburg church and what did it do? His 95 These. It was used to list his problems with the church.
What are the 6 main tenants of Lutheranism? Salvation by faith alone. The Bible is the ultimate authority. The grace of god brings absolution (not indulgences.). Baptism and communism are the only valid sacraments. The clergy is not superior to everyone else. The church is subordinate to the state.
What is transubstantiation? The belief that in the Catholic Mass, thhe bread and wine became the Body and Blood of Christ.
What is consubstantiation? The belief that Christ was present but not literally the bread and wine.
What caused the immediate cause of Luther's excommunication? He burned the papal bull from Leo X
What is the Diet of Worms? A tribunal of the HRE with the power to outlaw and to condemn people to burning at the stake.
What did Franz von Sickengen do? Along with other Lutheran knights, he attacked Catholic priests in the Rhineland.
What was the Peasant's War? In Germany, the peasants revolted aginst landowners. They were demanding the abolition of manorialism.
What was the Diet of Speyer and why do all of these diets sound like bugs? It refused the German princes the right to determine the religion of their subjects.
What was the League of Schmalkalden? Protestant princes banded together to defend themselves against the emperor.
Who established Protestantism in Switzerland? Huldreich Zwingli
What was the effect of the Peace of Cappel? Allowed the Swiss canton to determine its own religion.
Who was the first "reform pope"? Pope Paul III
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