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A & P 102 Quiz 2

The left ventricle pumps blood out of the heart through what major blood vessels aorta
A blood pressure measurement for a patient is composed of two numbers, name the pressure measured during ventricular contraction systolic/systole
which blood vessels are part of the hepatic portal portal system a) left gastric artery b) superior mesenteric vein c) right gastric vein d) superior vena cava e) left external iliac artery superior mesenteric vein, right gastric vein
name one of the three branches that come from the celiac trunk hepatic, splenic or left gastric arteries
what structures separates the ventricles interventricular system
pulmonary veins carry ..... a) oxygenated blood b) blood away from the heart c) d)deoxygenated e) blood towards the heart oxygenated blood, blood towards the heart
what valve separates the right atrium from the right ventricles tricuspid
which layer of the heart is the thick, muscular layer myocardium
in a lymph node, what are contains many macrophages medulla
what blood vessels supple the kidneys with blood renal arteries
which of the following branch directly from the aorta a) right subclavian artery b) left subclavian artery c) right coronary artery d) right common carotid artery e) left common carotid artery left subclavian artery, right coronary artery, left common carotid artery
after small branches exit the axillary artery, what major artery continues to carry blood to the arm brachial artery
what major vein carries blood from the head/face and joins the brachiocephalic vein jugular vein
what muscles inside of the heart do valve cusps attach to via chordae tendinae in order to prevent prolapse of a valve into the atria papillary muscles
in the structures of an antibody, which chain contains a variable region that will bind to an antigen a)light chains b) small chains c)disulfide chains d) heavy chains e) none of the above light chains, heavy chains
when presented with an antigen, a B-cell will start dividing to make more B cells and what other type of cell plasma cell
Created by: Miccimouse