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Chapter 25

Chapter 23

About 97 percent of the people belonged to the_____ estate. Third
The______ was the middle class and were bankers, factory owners, merchants, professionals, and skilled artisans. Bourgeois
This body had the power to create laws and to approve or reject declarations of war. The Legislative Assembly
“Those without knee breeches” Sans-culottes
Cruel form of capital punishment. Guillotine
Was born in 1769 on the Mediterranean island of Corsica. When he was nine years old, his parents sent him to a military school. In 1785, at the age of 16, he finished school and became a lieutenant in the artillery. Napoleon
A sudden seizure of power coup d’état
This established a new relationship between church and state. Concordat
This gave the country a uniform set of laws and eliminated many injustices. Napoleon Code
Napoleon set up a _____ . To prevent all trade and communication between Great Britain and other European nations. Blockade
Bands of Spanish peasant fighters were called _____. Guerrillas
Involved burning grain fields and slaughtering livestock so as to leave nothing for the enemy to eat. Scorched-earth policy
A series of meetings in Vienna. Congress of Vienna
Agreeing that as many as possible of the rulers whom Napoleon had driven from their thrones be restored to power Legitimacy
Pledged to base their relations with other nations on Christian principles in order to combat the forces of revolution. Holy alliance
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