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NJC Nutrition

Review for final

The number of complete proteins 9
Complete proteins come from what food source? animals and animal products
Food sources for incomplete proteins plants
Function of proteins Build and repair tissue Regulate body functions
List 2 functions of fat cushions organs and bones Provides insulation
Vitamin responsible for eyes health and growth and development Vitamin A
Mineral responsible for the formation of hydrochloric acid Chloride or chlorine
List the fat soluble vitamins KADE
This mineral is responsible for the formation of hormones in the thyroid gland Iodine
Mineral that forms hemoglobin in red blood cells Iron
This mineral helps with clotting of blood AND maintenance of teeth and bones Calcium
Mineral that is needed for regular heart rhythm, fluid balance, and nerve function Potassium
Vitamin that helps with normal clotting of blood and formation of Prothrombin Vitamin K
Diet that allows liquids that can be seen through and are easiest to digest Clear liquid diet
Diet that limits foods such as smoked meats, olives, pickles, sunflower seeds, sauerkraut and is used to treat hypertension Sodium restricted diet
A diet that has been modified for the health and safety of the pateint Therapeutic diet
How many calories are in 1 pound 3500
Diet that limits sweets and carbohydrates Diabetic diet
This diet encourages eating meat, fish, milk, cheese and eggs High protein diet
Someone with Arteriosclerosis would need to follow this diet Low cholesterol
These are classified as fat soluble or water soluble Vitamins
What vitamin and mineral work together to promote healthy teeth and gums Vitamin C and Flouride
All body processes related to food Nutrition
State of good health with optimal body function wellness
Fibrous indigestible form of carbohydrate Cellulose
Process where nutrients are used by the cells Metabolism
Process where blood capillaries pick up nutrients Absorption
This nutrient is a major source of energy Carbohydrate
This nutrient is made of amino acids Proteins
Nutrients that provide the most concentrated form of energy Fats
Sterol lipid found in body cells and animal products Cholesterol
Inorganic elements that regulate body fluids and assist in body functions Minerals
1 gram of fat = how many calories 9
Organic compounds that regulate body processes Vitamins
Carries nutrient waste to and from the body Water
This nutrient is easily digested, grows well in most climates,and keeps well without refrigeration Carbohydrates
Basal Metabolic Rate Rate at which calories are burned while at rest/sleep
What is the name for the contents of the stomach as it is being churned for digestion Chyme
This is the wavelike motion of the muscles propelling food throughout the digestive tract Peristalsis
Medical term for the gatekeeper valve Pyloric sphincter
Name 3 parts of the small intestine Duodenum, Jejunum, Ileum
Name the body part that keeps food from entering the trachea when we swallow Epigottis
Created by: jbuss