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1. Counteracts the action of something else 1.Antagonist
2. Gelatin-type container that encloses a single dose of a drug 2. Capsule
3. skin patch containing the drug which is absorbed through the skin, this promoting a consistent blool level between application times 3. Dermal Patch
4. Amount of medicine to be administered to a patient at one time 4. Dosage
5. Medication;chemical or other substance intended to have a therapeutic effect 5. Drug
6. Liquid drug preparation which contains droplets of oil and fat in water 6. Emulsion
7. Federal agency that enforces regulationa concerning the manufacture ahd distribution of food, drugs and cosmetics 7. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
8. Beneath the skin 8. Hypodermic
9. Body's defense response of living tissue to injury;symptoms include pain,heat,swelling and impaired function of affected area 9. Inflammation
10. Medication or substance which is administered by inhaling 10. Inhalant
11. To draw a breath;to inspire 11. Inhale
12. Within the skin 12. Intradermal
13. Within the muscle 13. Intramuscular
14.Within a vein 14. Intravenous
15. Limited to or pertaining to one part or place 15.Local
16. tablet containing flavoring; indicated for a local effect on the throat or mouth 16. Lozenge
17. Potentially fatal complication of anesthesia characterized by a rapid rise in temperature and muscle rigidity, especially of the jaw 17. Malignant
18.Plant fiber that has been combined with oxygen and made to resemble cotton or gauze; used to arrest bleeding by direct application to site of hemorrhage 18. Oxidized Cellulose
19. Designating any route other than the alimentary canal 19. Parenteral
20.Abnormal sensation such as burning,prickling,"crawling" or felling of insects crawling over the skin 20. Paresthesia
21. Book containing a selected list of medicinal prepatations ans their dosage forms; prevedes a description and the standards for purity and strength for each drug listed 21. Pharmacopoeia
22. Profession or place of preparing and dispensing drugs 22.Pharmacy
23.Person licensed to practice pharmacy 23. Pharmacist
24. To ward off or to prevent infection and disease 24. Prophylactin
25. Liquid containing a dissolved substance 25. Solutuon
26. Agent that checks hemorrhage by causing the blood vessels to contract 26. Styptic
27. Beneath the tongue 27. Sublingual
28. Semi-solid substance which serves as a vehicle for medicines to be absorbed by the rectum,vagina or urethra 28. Suppositories
29.Liquid form of medication that must be shaken well before using because the drug particals are not evenly dissolved in the liquid 29. Suspension
30. Generalized or affecting the entire body 30. Systemic
31. Compressed mixture of a pure drug into a solid form; may be in a variety of shapes and colors 31. Tablet
32. Solution which contains alcohlo as the primary solvent 32. Tincture
33. Pertaining to a particular area; local application, never injected 33. Topical
34. Narrowing of blood vessels 34. Vasoconstriction
35. Easily vaporized or evaporated 35.Volatile
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