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A & P 102 Quiz 1

the pituitary gland is composed of 2 lobes. which lobe contains axons from the hypothalamus posterior
Name one hormone produced by the answer to number 1 oxytocin
which hormone stimulates testosterone production in the testes luteinizing hormone
what hormone will increase blood calcium levels by stimulating osterclasts parathyroid homrone
in the thyroid, which type of cell releases calcitonin parafollicular or extrafollicular
which hormone acts as an antagonist to human growth homrone somatostatin
a deficiency in what molecule will cause goiter iodine
which cells in the testes produce terosterone interstitial cells
name one function of aldosterone regulate blood pressure, increase sodium reabsorption, increase potassium excretion
adrenocorticotropic hormone acts on what structure adrenal cortex
which structures are targets for posterior pituitary hormones. uterus & Kidneys
what hormone is involved in the sleep/wake cycle melatonin
if hormone a is released by a liver cell and the same liver cell is affected by Hormone a, what mode of transmission is this autocrine
which is lipid soluble peptides, amines, testosterone, steroids, colloid testosterone, steriods
when a second messenger system is involved in hormone signaling, what protein is often activated by an activated g-protein. adenylate cyclase
Created by: Miccimouse