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Progress Test 09-12

Dutch Medicine Progress Test Voortgangstoets december 2012

What type of cartilage do the primary bronchi contain? A.)elastic B.)hyaline C.)fibrous B
When assessing a routine X-ray (standing PA = posteroanterior projection at maximum inspiration): A.)the mediastinum is not visible B.)the pleural fluid, if any, cannot be seen C.)the right side of the diaphragm is normally lower than the left D.)the right lung is shown on the left side of the X-ray D
Cystic fibrosis is autosomal recessive. Its frequency in the general population is 1/2500. What is the probability a couple having a child with this condition if there is NO history of it in the families of both the husband and wife? A.)1/50 B.)1/2500 C.)1/2500^2 B
On what technique is the major innovation in the mediastinal staging of lung cancer based? A.)endoscopic ultrasound B.)videomediastinoscopy C.)video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery A
The ventilation/perfusion ratio can change under certain circumstances. In regions of the lung where there is dead space ventilation, the ventilation/perfusion ratio is: A.)reduced B.)unchanged C.)increased C
The most common cause of acute sore throat is inflammation of the pharyngeal mucosa and tonsils. If bacterial pathogen is responsible for the throat inflammation, in most cases it will be: A.)beta-haemolytic Streptococcus B.)Haemophilus influenzae C.)Staphylococcus aureus A
A 46 year old unwell man has had high fever with shivering for two days, he is coughing up brown sputum. The chest X-ray shows a lobar infiltrate of the right lower lobe. He was started on antibiotics. What is the most likely pathogen in this case? A.)Mycobacterium tuberculosis B.)Mycoplasma pneumoniae C.)Streptococcus pneumonia C
Thoracocentesis on a patient with left-sided pleural effusion. The fluid contains 15 g/L protein and the LDH level is 140 U/L. The blood sample taken at the same time has a protein level of 69 g/L and an LDH level of 405 U/L. The pleural fluid is a(n): A.)exudate B.)transudate B
A lung abscess is often seen on a chest X-ray as a cavity with horizontal air-fluid level. Which condition is least likely? A.)Aspergillus fingal infection B.)carcinoma C.)interstitial fibrosis D.)pneumonia E.)tuberculosis C
A 20 year old woman has asthma. Her only medication is a short-acting beta-mimetic, but for the past two weeks she has needed to take it every day and almost every night. How would you modify the treatment? A.)add an anticholinergic B.)add an inhalation steroid C.)prescribe a short-acting beta-mimetic at fixed times four times a day D.)add theophylline B
Created by: ChungDA