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A & P 102 test 1

which gland(s) do hormones released from the hypothalamus act on directly? Anterior pituitary thyroid Posterior Pituitary Testes Pancrease Anterior Pituitary
what structure in the pancreas produces hormones Islet
how long is the typical life span of a red blood cell in the body 120 days
Which type of stem cell will eventually become B cells and T cells lymphocytes
what is the function of parathyroid hormone calcium in the blood
what blood cell may be helpful to combat an allergic reaction (hint: an anti-histamine is often taken for an allergic reaction) eosinophil
The pituitary gland is composed of two lobes. Which lobe actually produces hormones directly rather than releasing hormones made in the different structure. anterior
what organ releases thrombopoietin to stimulate platelet formation liver
Type II diabetes is caused by: A) a reduction in insulin receptors B) the inability to keep blood sugar high c) High Triglycerides d) A lack of insulin production e) pancreatic cancer A reduction in insulin receptors
Patient Y needs a blood transfusion and is type A positive. Which blood types can donate to Patient Y (select all that apply) a) B positive b) O positive c) B negative d) AB positive e) A negative B & E
The body can recognize ------- as foreign and will produce -------- against the foreign substance. antigens & Antibodies
Which pr of parents could have compatibility problems if they decided to have a second child? a) mom : AB +, Dad AB + d) mom O+, Dad a+ b) mom B -, dad o + e) mom A-, dad AB+ c) mom a+, dad o- b) mom b-, dad O+ e) mom A-, Dad AB+
Which hormone stimulates the testes to produce sperm follicle stimulating hormones
what region (zona) of the adrenal cortex releases aldosterone? zona glomerulosa
name one hormone released by the pituitary in response to gonadotropin follicle stimulating hormone luteinizing hormone
the pancreas produces three hormones, two of which control blood sugar. What is the function of the third hormone? somostatin, regulates the release of glucagon & Insulin
what hormone class is derived from cholesterol lipids
One cell type and one blood component have no nucleus, name one of them erythrocytes
If a clot forms inside a blood vessel abnormally and part of it breaks off into circulation, what is the circulating clot called embolus
which hormone will inhibit osteoblasts
what gland releases melatonin pineal gland
what hormone will stimulate the liver to convert glycogen to glucose insulin
approximately what percentage of blood are platelets and white blood cells combined 1%
what area does corticotropin releasing hormone stimulate anterior pituitary
what is the oxygen carrying protein in a red blood cell hemoglobin
what hormone will decrease blood calcium levels by stimulating osteoblasts calcitonin
in the thyroid, which type of cell produces colloid (the precursor to T3/T4)? follicular cell
what causes the intrinsic clotting pathway to start forming a clot (in other words, what triggers the intrinsic pathway)? a tear in artery wall
which hormone stimulates the production of breast milk prolactin
if blood glucose is too low, which hormone is released by the pancreas? glycogen
what cell in the pancreas releases the hormone in the liver a)delta b) kappa c) gamma d) alpha e) beta alpha
what type of blood protein maintains osmotic pressure and often transport other proteins in the blood albumins
a deficiency in what mineral can cause anemia iron
what 2 hormones are released by the adrenal medulla epinephrine and norepinephrine
what blood vessel system allows direct communication between the hypothalams and anterior pituitary gland hypophyseal portal vein
a patient has a hematocrit (or packed cell volume) of 50%. Is this value considered high or low high
which white blood cell becomes a mast cell basophil
which antigens do red blood cells express on their surface in a person with type O positive blood (select all that apply) A) A b) B c) O d) RH e) + D
during childbirth, which hormone stimulates contractions in the uterus oxytocin
what cell is the most common white blood cell neutrophil
what red blood cells are broken down in the liver, certain products are made which need to be cleared from the body. What red blood cell by-product causes jaundice if it is not cleared from the body bilirubin
if a patient is dehydrated, what hormone would their body produce to try to retain water antidiuretic hormone
if a patient contracts a batcerial infection in their blood, what cell type will respond rapidly to the bacterial infection neutrophil
provide one way synaptic transmission is different from endocrine transmission
name one purpose of the biconcave shape of red blood cells moves freely through vessel, more ability of absorbtion
what type of hormone can diffuse across the cell membrane lipid
what structure connects the pituitary to the hypothalamus infundibulum
which blood cell can produce antibodies lymphocytes
what cell breaks apart to form platelets. what is the precurser cell to platelets megakaryocyte
what hormone released by the kidneys stimulates the production of red blood cells Erythropoietin
hormones that cannot diffuse into the cell are ------ soluble and require a ------ messenger within the cell to cause changes inside the cell water & second
what type of feedback decreases the amount of hormone released. negative
a patient with AB positive blood type will produce antibodies against which blood types none
other than oxygen, name a gas that is transported in the blood carbon dioxide
at high altitude, what hormone will be released to increase red blood cell production eythropoietin
what initially forms at an injury site but is only a temporary solution to blood loss platelet plug
sickle cell disease can be fatal but protects against a certain disease. What disease are sickle cell patients resistant against malaria
which clotting factor is the start of the common pathway of clotting. coagulation
what amino acid are amine type hormones derived from? tyrosine
in an adult, too much hgh will cuase syptoms including a prominent brow, thick jaw, large hands. What is this condition called. agromalagy
What sympton is referred to as polyuria excess urine
Created by: Miccimouse
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