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SAT Practice1

Pearland ISD 100 Common SAT Words

abbreviate shorten, abridge
abstinence the art of refraining from
adulation high praise
adversity misfortune
aesthetic pertaining to beauty
amicable agreeable
anachronistic out of date - appearing in a wrong time
anecdote short account of an event
anonymous nameless, uncredited to a creator
antagonist opponent
arid extremely dry
assiduous hard-working
asylum sanctuary
benevolent friendly, helpful
camaraderie trust among friends
censure to criticize harshly
circuitous indirect, roundabout
clairvoyant able to see into the future
collaborate to work together
compassion sympathy, mercy
compromise to settle differences
condescending patronizing
conditional provisional, contingent
conformist one who follows customs
congregation crowd of people
convergence joining of parts
deleterious harmful
demagogue rabble-rousing leader
digression straying from the main point
diligent hard working
discredit dishonor, disgrace
disdain to regard with scorn
divergent variant, moving apart
empathy sharing of feelings
emulate follow an example
enervating tiring, weakening
enhance improve, augment
ephemeral momentary, fleeting
evanescent short-lived, as an image
exasperation irritation, frustration
exemplary outstanding
extenuating guilt diminishing
florid flushed, ornate
fortuitous lucky
frugal thrifty
hackneyed overused, cliche
haughty arrogant, condescending
hedonist pleasure seeker
hypothesis theory requiring proof
impetuous rash, impulsive
impute to attribute to someone
incompatible unable to work together
inconsequential trivial
inevitable unavoidable, certain
integrity honesty, decency
intrepid fearless, adventurous
intuitive instinctive, untaught
jubilation joy, exultation
lobbyist persuader of legislators
longevity long life
mundane ordinary, common
nonchalant calm, casual
novice beginner
opulent wealthy, showy
orator speaker
ostentatious displaying wealth
parched dried up
perfidious disloyal
precocious talented beyond one's age
pretentious pompous, self-important
procrastinate to delay unnecessarily
prosaic run-of-the-mill
prosperity wealth, success
provocative inflammatory
prudent wise, careful, cautious
querulous irritable
rancorous hateful
reclusive withdrawn, hermit-like
reconciliation agreement after a quarrel
renovation state of being renewed
resilient quick to recover
restrained controlled, restricted
reverence profound respect
sagacity wisdom
scrutinize to observe carefully
spontaneity impulsive action
spurious phony, false
submissive meek
substantiate to verify, confirm
subtle elusive, sly, ambiguous
superficial lacking in depth
superfluous more than enough
suppress to end an activity
surreptitious secret, stealthy
tactful diplomatic, polite
tenacious persistent, resolute
transient temporary, fleeting
venerable respectable due to age
vindicate to clear from blame
wary watchful, alert
Created by: rsamantha


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