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Cells and Tissue

Plasma membrane Outermost limit of cell; selectively permeable; bilayer of phospholipids, proteins, carbs
Cytoplasm matrix in cells;
Organelles Specialized and varies
Nucleus control center; DNA
Endoplasmic reticulum network of membranes; tubular communication; transports molecules
Agranular ER Stores lipids and steroids
Granular ER stores proteins; ribosomes
Ribosomes produces proteins; free or attached
Golgi Apparatus Refine and package
Mitochondria Powerhouse; transforms to ATP
Lysosome destroy old parts; digestion
Centrosome 2 centrioles; reproduction
Vacuole membrane stack
Cilia sweep mucous
Flagellum movement
Diffusion high to low
Facilitated diffusion through membrane; carrier protein
Osmosis movement of h2o
Osmotic pressure pressure required to prevent osmosis
Isotonic same osmotic pressure as plasma
Hypertonic greater solutes than plasma; crenate
Hypotonic hemolysis
Filtration hydrostatic pressure through a membrane
Active transport across membrane, requires energy, against gradient
Endocytosis bring into cell
Phagocytosis engulf solid; cell eating
Pinocytosis engulf liquid
Exocytosis export out of cell-poop
Mitosis cell division
Differentiation cells specialize with different functions
Neoplasm proliferation of abnormal cells; tumor
Tight junctions fluid tight seal between cells
Anchor junctions fasten cells to each other or other matter
Epithelium covers and lines, protects, absorbs
Simple 1 layer
Stratified cells stacked
Pseudostratified 1 uneven layer; secrete or have cilia
Squamous flattened cells; external
Cuboidal secretes; line gland ducts; digestive
Columnar tall cells; absorb and secrete
transitional large rounded; stretches; bladder
Glandular epithelium secretes; 1 or more=gland
Exocrine secrete into ducts; sweat and salivary
Edocrine into bloodstream; hormones
Loose or Adipose soft in thin layers; fills spaces; stores fat
Fibrous dense; collagen and elastic; tendons, ligaments
Bone matrix
Functions of bone protects; blood production; stores calcium and phosphate salts
Cartilage non vascular; gel-like; firm and flexible
Blood plasma; platelets
Striated skeletal; motion; heat
Smooth Irregular spaced; hollow organs
Cardiac short, branched
Neuron nerve cell; sensory and motor; electrical
Neurological Cell Accessory cell in nerve tissue; connect and support
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