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Chapter 13

What happened after Rome fell in Europe? Trade ended, learning ended, cities fell, loss of common language and cities move to farm lands
Who had the most power at the time? Churches had the most power in Europe at the time, they were the only ones who knew how to read and write and told people how to live their lives.
Who made Clovis follow Christianity? His wife made him follow her faith, Christianity.
Who combined, forming alliances? Clovis's Frankish army and the Church.
What played a big role in Christianity? Politics played a key role in Christianity
What would happen if the Muslims won the battle? Europe might have been part of the Muslim Empire
Who wanted to be king very badly? Pepin wanted to be king, but he listened to the Pope and didn't succeed
What was the highest class in Europe's Social Class Structure? The kings and the popes were the highest in the social class structure
Could peasants become knights? No, only noble men can become knights
About how many years do men have to train to become a knight? About 14 years, but half of those years you had to follow a knight.
What can noblewomen do, but not regular women? Noblewomen can take care of their husband's kingdom when they went away, regular women couldn't
What did men do to women that was not illegal? Men could beat women up and no one could stop them.
How do knights train for battle? Tournaments and they shadowed a knight
Created by: 21sluke
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