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the lymphatic system and immunity

3 functions of the lympatic system fluid balance,protection from infection,absorption of fats
lymph clear liquid that circulates in the lympatic system
what kind of capillaries located in the lining of the small intestine absorb digested fats lacteals
term that is used to decrible lymphatic vessels that are located immediately below the skin superficial
lymph nodes small masses of lymphatic tissue that filter the lymph
Nearly all the lymph from the upper extremity and the breast passes through which lymph nodes axillary lymph node
the right lemphatic duct receives lymph from superior right quadrant
what part of the body does the thoracic duct receive lymph from all parts of the body except those that are superior to the diaphram on the right side
cisterna chyli the first part of the duct is enlarged to form a cistern,or temp storage pouch
what is the purpose of valves in the lymphatic vessles prevents lymph back flow,assist in lymph movement,prevent backflow of blood into the lymph system
what is the term for the indented area on the lymph node that is the exit point for lymphatic vessels carring lymph out of the node hilum
the hilum,trabecula and subcapsular sinus are all located in what lymph nodes
bothe right lymphatic duct and thoratic duct empty into what veins subclavian veins
where are the cervical lymph nodes located neck
the right mammary vessels drain into witch duct the right lymphatic duct
the right femoral vessels drain into which duct thoracic duct
where are the popliteal nodes found knees
4 functions of the spleen cleans blood of impurities and cellular debris by filtration and phagocytosis;destroys old red blood cells;produces red blood cells befor birth;sercing are resivor for blood
name for surgical removal of the spleen splenectomy
where do T cells develope thymus
where are the palatine tonsils located each side of the soft palate
the common name for pharyngeal tonsil adenoids
where is the lingual tonsils located located back of tongue
characteristics of lymphatic vessels they arise blindly,they are thin walled,contract to propel lymph foward
what is reticuloendothelial system responsible for distruction of worn out blood cells,bacteria,cancer cells and other foreign substances that are harmful to the body
kupffer cells are found in which organ liver
lymphadenitis= inflamation of lymph nodes or nodes becoming enlarged and tender
lymphangitis inflamation of the lymphatic vessels,usally begings in a region of an infected or neglected ingury and can be seen as red streaks extending along a extremity
lymphadenopathy disease of the lymph nodes
elephantiasis great inlargement of the lower extremities resulting from lymphatic vessel blockage by small worms called filariae
name for a chronic malignant disease of the lympnoid tissue hodgkins disease
non-hodkins lymphoma is differentiated from hodgkis disease by the absence of what type of cell on biopsy reed-sternberg cells
virulence the power of organism to produce disease
predisposition individuals condition by emotional,nutritional and living habits
are natural killer cells active in specific or nonspecific immunity nonspecific
what are 4 classic symptoms in of imflamatory reaction heat,swelling,redness,pain
what is the function of histamine when tissue is damaged histamine and other substances are release from the damaged cells causing small blood vessels to dialate.
inflammatory exudates mixture of leukocytes and fluid
species immunity both animal and human are immuned to each others diseases
antigen any foreign substance that enters the body and induces an immune responce
what does it mean for a T cell to become sensitized while in the thymus the T lymphocytes multiply and become capable of combining with specific antigens.
cytotoxic T cells destroy foreign cells directly
helper T cells release substances know as interleukins that stimulate other lymphocytes and macrophages and assist in the disstruction of foreign cells
regulatory T cells suppress the immune system responce in order to prevent overactivity
memory T cells remember an antigen and start a rapid response if that antigen in contracted again
macrophages are phagocytic white blood cells derived from what type of cells monocytes
macrophages participate in phagocytosis, immunity and antigen presentation
antibody substance produced in responce to a antigen
another name for antibody immunoglobulin
exposure to an antigen stimulates B cells to become what type of cells plasma cells
what type of cells produce antibodys plasma cells
all antibodys are contained in a portion of the blood plasma called what gamma globulin
some activated B cells do not become plasma cells but become what kind of cells instead memory cells
compliment the distruction of foreign cells sometimes requires the enzymatic activity of a group of nonspecific proteins in the blood,togather called compliment
what type of immunity is needed when a mother passes antibodies to her fetus passive immunity
a vaccine is what type of immunity artificailly acquired immunity
what does it mean when a organism is attenuated organism is weakend for use in vaccines
toxoid vaccines the contain toxins that are altered with heat or chemicals to reduce their harfullness
what does the MMR protect against measles,mumps,rubella
what is serum sickness when the foreign proteins in animal sera cause a often serious sensitivity reaction
what type of immunity does a immune serum or antiserum give artificially acquired passive immunity
a immune serum can contain antibodies,antivenins,antitoxins
what is a allergy a tendency to react to certain substances that are normally harmless to most people
allergens are antigens that are composed of what proteins
what is the common name for urticaria hives
what is autoimmunity refers to an abnormal reactivity to ones own tissue
what virus is aids caused by HIV virus
what is multiple myeloma cancer of the blood;forming cells in bone marrow,mainly plasma cells that produce antibodys
term for the natural tendency of every organism to destroy foreign substances, such as occurs sometime in transplantation rejection syndrom
immunotherapy stimulation of the immune system to fight disese such as cancer
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