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Midterm Review

Midterm review game questions chap 1 and 2

1. Which term means abnormal softening of an artery? arteriomalacia
2. Which term means above or outside the ribs? supracostal
3. Which suffix means to suture? -rrhaphy
4. Which term means a pathologic change of the tissues due to disease or injury? lesion
5. Which prefix means toward or in the direction of? ad-
6. Which term means higher then normal blood pressure? hypertension
7. Which term means the tissue death of an artery? arterionecrosis
8. Which term means inflammation of the stomach? gastritis
9. Which term means to create an artificial opening between the colon and the abdominal wall? colostomy
10. Which term describes and radiograph of a blood vessel? angiogram
11. Which term means any disease or condition of a gland? adenosis
12. Which term refers to the back of the body or organ? dorsal
13.Which term means incomplete formation of a tissue or organ? hypoplasia
14. Which end of a humerus, the bone of the upper arm, is nearest the midline? proximal
15. Which type of disorder is fetal alcohol syndrome? congenital
16. Which glands have ducts that lead either out of the body or to the organs? exocrine
17. Which term describes the location of the heart in relationship to the stomach? superior
18. Which term means the study of the structure, composition, and function of tissues? histology
19. Which type of specialized epithelial tissue lines the blood and the lymph vessels? endothelium
20. Which genetic disorder, which does not appear until midlife, cause the loss of mental ability and muscle control ? huntington's disease
Created by: daniclem87