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3E051 2-2

Set 2 Book 2

Which of these items is NOT a part of a DC motor Stator
In a DC motor, how are coil ends from the armature windings attached to the riser Soldered
The DC motor with the highest starting torque is the Series motor
The DC shunt motor connects the field coils and armature in Parallel
What part of a three phase motor is connected to the supply voltage Stator
The component of a three phase motor connected to the load is the Rotor
The magnetic field of a three phase motor rotor is caused by Impedance of the stator
Which motor would have the highest RPM if each were connected to the same power supply 4 pole motor
The internal windings of all three phase motors are Either wye ore delta connected
Which of the following features describes three phase motors best Either single or dual voltage motors
The motor that requires some starting means is the Single phase AC motor
A centrifugal switch is use in a single phase motor to Deenergize the start windings
The squirrel cage winding has high inductive reactance and is placed beneath the Wound rotor section
A single phase motor with external leads numbered T1, T2, T3, T4 is what type Dual voltage nonreversible
What should you connect to operate a single phase dual voltage motor on high voltage Run windings in series
How many basic types of across the line motor controls are there Five
The basic types of overload relays are Thermal and magnetic
The methods used to open the contacts on a across the line magnetic controller are Spring tension and gravity
What type of motor enclosure is designed to prevent liquids or solids from entering it except at indirect angles Splash proof
What type of bearing should be used in a vertically mounted motor Ball or roller
When you clean a motor with compressed air, what is the maximum air pressure to use 25 PSI
What should be your first check on a motor that seems to be overheating Ventilation
If a motor has been operating normally but suddenly stops, you should suspect Electrical overload
The end play of a motor should not exceed 1/64th of and inch
An indication of an open rotor in a squirrel cage motor is The motor slowing down under load
A motor that operates slowly may have a Deficient voltage supply
Motor voltage must be within what percent of the voltage rating 10
A woodworking shop would constitute what class of electrical hazard Class III
Electrical equipment used in Class I locations must be Explosion proof
Sparkproof electrical equipment must be used in what class locations Class III
Which of these wiring methods is permitted in Class I, division 1 hazardous locations Mineral insulated cable
To prevent explosive materials from passing from one part of an explosion proof conduit system to another, you should use Sealing compound
Before working on an electrical system you should always Deenergize the power to the circuit
A proper fit between an enclosure and its cover is achieved by Flat ground joint surfaces
When you work in a Class I hazardous location, you should use all the equipment listed below EXCEPT Non sparking metal hand tools
If work must be done on equipment exposed to hazardous material, the equipment should be Cleaned and tagged
How long must the power supply to an emergency light be able to supply voltage 1 1/2 hours
According to the NEC, the wiring for emergency lighting systems must be Independent of the regular wiring used for appliances
How often should a total discharge of emergency light batteries and recharge be done Every six month
If an emergency light battery will not hold a charge, what should you do to it Replace
The electric range produces heat by Passing current through a resistor
What is the most desirable water heater temperature control setting for general purposes 150 degrees F
To prevent others from tampering with switches, you will Lock and tag them
If you check a heating element and the ohmmeter reads 0 ohms, the element is Good
A signal head may have a maximum of how many signal faces 5
The most common types of detectors for traffic control are Pressure and loop
Which of the following do you use on a traffic control system FM
The controller operates loop and lead in systems whose total inductance is between 20 and 70 micronhenries
Most repairs made in the controller cabinet of a traffic control system are made by replacing Burned out bulbs
At least how many hours of backup power should you have on a traffic controller random access memory 30 hours
What is the minimum mounting clearance required for the signal head 15 feet
The purpose of the motor on a siren for a base warning system is to rotate the siren 360 degrees
Which organization is responsible for turning on the base warning siren Command post
Your first step in troubleshooting the base warning system should be to check the Control circuit
Voltage being present on the load side of the controller on a base warning system means the Controller is fully operational
What type of process is corrosion Electrochemical
The ions that leave the metal and enter into solution are Positive
How many basic forms of corrosion are there Four
Where does stray current corrosion cause greatest damage Where it exits a structure
At least how many inches of back fill should extend from each end of the anode 12
How often should a structure be checked for depth of pitting Every two years
The basic guidance for completing maintenance action sheets is in AFI 32-1001, Operations Management
How often must you maintain AF Form 491, Cathodic Protection Operating Log for Impressed Current System 60 days
To protect steel or cast iron structures, what should the voltage reading be between the structure and a saturated copper copper sulfate half cell contacting the electrolyte -0.85 volts
One of the most important measurements made in cathodic protection (CP) is the single rod probe measurement of the soil resistance between what two points Structure to electrolyte potential
What meter should you use to make a structure to electrolyte measurement High resistance voltmeter
What is the basic unit of conductivity for water resistivity Ohms per centimeter
After the initial series of CP of a galvanic anode system is established, during the first year, how often should the system be checked Quarterly
An above normal potential between the half cell electrode and the anode under test shows That the anode is corroded away
The two classifications of fire alarm systems are the local and Central station
Fire alarm reference material should be maintained in the Fire department technical services office
When troubleshooting fire alarm systems, where do the most frequent problems occur Wire termination points
What are the two main classes of intrusion detetors Point and area
Repair of intrusion detection systems should always be done in accordance with Manufacture's specifications
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