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Two major hazards of jet engine exhaust high temps and velocity of the exhaust gases exiting the tailpipe
Importance of raising and lowering the ships antennas obstructions when raised and obstructions during UNREP
V-1 Flight Deck Directors responsible for handling of all aircraft on the flight deck; includes spotting, directing, and operating aircraft-handling equipment
V-2 N/A
V-3 Hangar Bay Directors responsible for handling all aircraft on the hangar deck; includes operation of aircraft elevators and hangar bay doors
V-4 Fuels responsible for the operation and upkeep of carrier aviation fuel and lube oil transfer systems
V-5 Air Admin and Tower Personnel responsible for the communication on aircraft launch, recovery, tower communication and all administrative duties within the department
Tower/ PRIFLY -Air Officer (Air Boss) -Assistant Air Officer (Mini Boss) -Primary Flight Control Superviser
Air Officer responsible to the CO for the supervision and direction of aircraft launching, recovery, Visual Landing Aids (VLAs) and the shipboard handling of aircraft
Aircraft Handling Officer overall supervision of the handling of embarked aircraft on the flight deck and hangar deck and assists the Air Officer in the conduct of flight operations
Landing Signal Enlisted (LSE) reports to Air Officer; responsible for visually signaling to the helo, assisting pilot in making a safe takeoff and/or approach and landing on the ship
Crash Crews primary job is to save lives. Responsible for flight deck fire fighting, rescue, clearing flight deck crashes, and maintaining crash and fire fighting equipment
Flight deck lights: Red foul deck. Only APUs and engines may be started with the exception of H-1 Aircraft. NOTE: H-1 Aircraft must have amber deck to start engines
Flight deck lights: Amber Rotor engagement/ AV-8 run up. H-1 Engine start.
Flight deck lights: Green Clear for Launch and recovery of fixed wing/Rotary wing aircraft
Flight deck lights: Blue HERO
Vertical short Take-off and landing (V/STOL) LSO computes footage, mark, trim and aircraft weight, wet or dry, and nozzle degree to insure a safe launch.
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