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L-X Review

Review of medical terminology L-X term

mastectomy removal of the breast
laparotomy cutting into the abdominal wall
melanoma black tumor
postmortem after death
splenomegaly enlargement of the spleen
neonatal newly born
hemiparesis paralysis to half of the body
cardiomyopathy disease of the heart muscle
leukocytopenia lack of white blood cells
polymyalgia pain of many muscles
dysphagia difficulty swallowing
psychosis condition of the mind
pyogenesis creation of pus
quadriplegia paralysis of 4 extremities
rhinoplasty surgical repair of the nose
hemorrhage excessive flow of blood
osteosarcoma bone cancer
scleroderma hardening of the skin
septicemia infection in the blood
tracheostomy artificial opening in the trachea
tachypnea fast breathing
nephrotoxic poisonous to the kidneys
hematuria blood in the urine
nocturesis urination at night
ophthalmologist someone who studies the eye
Created by: bjsmith