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Test review week one

Schedule I drugs Have high potential for abuse and are not used medically like heroin and LSD
Schedule II drugs have high potential for abuse but are used for medical use like ampheteimines and cocaine
Schedule III drugs low to moderate potential for physical abuse but high for psychological abuse like codeine and paregoric
Schedule IV drugs misuse or abuse of drugs can lead to limited physical or psycological like choloral hydrote or diazapam
Schedule V drugs lowest abuse potential of controlled substance like Lomotil
How often does a doctor need to renew their DEA registration? As the state requiers
What type of drugs have a copyright protection to their names? brand name drugs
Adult doses are based in a patient wt of? 150lbs
What is the most important factor in determining a pediatric does? BSA body surface area
synergistic effect one drug increases or counteracts the action of another drug
local effect the drug acts on the area to which it is administered
systematic effect the drug is carried via blood stream throughout the body
remote effect a drug affects a part of the body that is distant from the site admistration
What is the fastest way to get a drug into the bloodstream? IV
what is the slowest way to get a drug into the bloodstream oral
what is the needle angle for an intradermal injection 5% to 10%
what is the needle angle for a subcutaneous(SQ or SC) injection 45%
what is the needle angle for an intermusculer(IM) injection 90%
what is the needle angle for a blood draw 25%
What needle lenght would you used for an intradermal injection 5/8, 3/8, 1/2
what needle length would you used for a subcutaneous (SQ, SC) injection 5/8, 3/8, 1/2
what needle length would you use for an intramusculer(IM) injection 1 to 2
what size needle gauge would you use for a tuberculin test or a series of allergy extract tests 25 to 27 gauge
what are the six rights of proper drug administration right does, right drug, right rout, right time, right patient, right documentation
Contraindications states when the drug should not be given to a specified person
indications states the various conditions, diseases, types of microorganisms, and so on for which the drug is used
warnings gives the potential dangers of the drug
distribution of medication is the process where by the drug is transported from the blood to the intended site of action
lumen of the needle the hollow core of the needle
hilt of the needle needle meets the hub
insulin syringe is measured in units and 100 units = one cc/ml
tuberculin syringe the whole syringe is 1 cubic centimeter(cm), calibrated 0.1 and 0.01, and give as interdermail injection
hypodermic syringe used for IM, SQ, vena puchture/ treatment asperations and irrigation classifications
What is the formula for a drug calculation quantity over supplied
how do you convert pound(lbs) to kilograms(kg) 2.2lb=1kg
Dimetane Antihistamine
Lasix Diuretic
Norflex Muscle relaxant
Tagamet Antiulcer(H2 blockers)
Kaopectate Antidiarrheal
Motrin Analgesic
Afrin Decongestant
Xanax Tranquilizer
antineoplastic An agent that kills or destroys malignant cells
bronchodilator An agent that dilates the bronchi
anti-inflammatory An agent that counteracts inflammation
antidepressant An agent that prevents or relieves the symptoms of depression
laxative An agent that loosens and promotes normal bowel elimination
decongestant An agent that reduces nasal congestion or swelling
antitussive An agent that prevents or relieves cough
antihypertensive An agent that prevents or controls high blood pressure
antiemetic An agent that prevents or relieves nausea and vomiting
antibiotic An agent that is destructive to or inhibits growth of microorganisms
diuretic An agent that increases the excretion of urine
antihistamine An agent that acts to counteract histamine
muscle relaxant An agent that produces relaxation of skeletal muscle
analgesic An agent that relieves pain without causing loss of consciousness
contraceptive Any device, method, or agent that prevents conception
What are the 9 guidelines for patients who take prescription medications include take as directed, inform unusual reactions, take meds for the duration of prescribed, inform if you choose to discontinue, Do not take other meds or herbs w/o checking, don't take other's meds, keep from children, discard meds properly, heed warnings
Created by: Seanmorrone