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Where is Smooth Muscle found? In the walls of hollow organs
Where is Skeletal Muscle found? Attached to bones
Where is Cardiac Muscle found? In the heart
What are Muscle Fibers called? Muscle Cells
What is the only Voluntary type of muscle called? Skeletal Muscle
Do Smooth Muscles have straitions in them? No
What muscle is called the "smiling muscle"? Zygomaticus
What is chewing also called? Mastication
What two muscle allow us to chew up food? Masseter and Temporalis
What are muscles that work together called? Synergists
What are muscles that work against each other called? Antagonists
What is abduction? The moving of a body part away from the midline
What is rotation? Movement of a bone around it's longitudinal axis
What is muscle fatigue? A muscle being unable to contract even though it being stimulated
What is the Gastrocnemius? The calf muscle
What is the Orbicularis Oculi? It allows us to close our eyes
What is the Orbicularis Oris? It allows us to pucker our lips
What are fixators? Special synergists that hold a bone still
What is a prime mover? The major responsibility for a muscle to move
What is adduction? The moving of a body part towards the midline
What is extension? Movement that increases the angle between two parts of the body
What is flexion? Movement that decreases the angle between two parts of the body
What is insertion? Is attached to the movable part of the muscle
What is origin? Is attached to the inmoveable part of the muscle
What is aerobic exercise? Exercising with oxygen
What is anaerobic exercise? Exercising without oxygen
What is muscle tone? The state of continuous partial contractions of a muscle
What happens during isotonic contractions? Contractions of muscle that shorten the muscle
What happens during isometric contractions? Contractions of muscle that increases the tension in the muscle
What is a sarcolemma? Area just below the plasma membrane
What are smooth muscles shaped like? Spindled shaped
How many nuclei does smooth muscle have? Only one
Is cardiac muscle striated? Yes
What is each muscle fiber contained in? Endomysium
What is a voluntary muscle? Muscle that we can control manually
What is an involuntary muscle? Muscle that is contracted on its own
What is a motor unti? One neuron and all the skeletal muscle cells that it stimulates
What is muscle atrophy? The wasting away of a muscle
What is a flaccid muscle doing? It is soft and flabby
What is an oxygen deficit? Whenever our body can't replace the amount of oxygen we used up quick enough
What is tetany? When a muscle is contracted continuously without rest
What is a muscle twitch? The contraction of a muscle
What are the thick filaments of myofilaments made out of? Myosin
What are the thin filaments of actin filaments made out of? Actin
What is the specific neurotransmitter that stimulates skeletal muscle? Acetylcholine
What is the gap between the nerve endings? Synaptic Cleft
What also are neuromuscular junctions called? Synapses
This muscle forms the biggest part of the buttocks? Gluteus Maximus
What builds up in muscles after working out for a long time without rest? Lactic Acid
How many ways are there to name a muscle? 7
What by-product is produced by all of the muscles? Body Heat
What is the function of the intercostal muscles? They allow our body to breathe in and out
What is Pectoralis Major? Fan like muscle that covers the top part of the sternum
What is the trapezius muscle? Most superficial muscle of posterior neck and upper trunk
What is the gluteus Medius? It is a hip abductor and important steadier of the pelvis while walking
How many ways are there to name a muscle? 7
What are graded responses? Different degrees in shortening
What are muscle twitches? Single, involuntary contractions of muscles
What are Erector Spinae? Is the prime mover of back extensions
What is the Latissimus Dorsi? The two large flat muscles on the bottom of the back
What is a by-product of muscles contracting? Body Heat
What is the specific neurotransmitter that stimulates skeletal muscle? Acetylcholine
What are the gaps between neuromuscular junctions called? Synaptic Cleft
What is the nickname of a neuromuscular junction called? Synapses
What is a sarcoplasmic reticulum? A specialized smooth endoplasmic reticulum
What is a motor unit? One neuron and all the skeletal muscle cells it stimulates
Where nerve endings meet? Neuromuscular Junctions
What are the 3 main functions of the muscular system? Stabilize Joints, Maintains Posture, and Generates body heat
How many ATP are in each glucose molecule? 32
What are the initial steps of glucose breakdown called? Glycolysis
What is supination? Moving forward of a muscle
What is pronation? Moving backward of a muscle?
What happens in a convergent muscle? The fascicles converge toward a single insertion point
What happens in a pennate muscle? Short fascicles attach obliqulely to a central tendon
What is a fusiform? A modification of the parallel arrangement
What is the function of the Buccinator muscle? It flattens the cheeks in the face
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