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MED 104 Mrs.D

Flashcard Ch. 13 & 14

bronchus windpipe
bronch/i- bronchus
pharynx throat
pulmon- lung
rale rattle
spir- to breathe
-meter measure
-metry process of measuring
thorac- chest
ventil- wind
epistaxis nosebleed
muc/p- mucus
purul- pus
sinus- sinus
-pnea breathe
or/o- mouth
somn/o- sleep
phon- voice
glott- mouth of windpipe
voc- vocal
expiration breathe out
inspiration breathe in
pleur- pleura
-isy inflammation
cyan/o- dark blue
eu- normal
-hale breathe
atelectasis collapse of part of a lung
pneum/o- air
thora- chest
dilat- expand
ligament band,sheet
muscul/o- muscle
skelet- skeleton
orth/o- straight
ped- child
oste/o- bone
radi/o- radiation
tendon sinew
physis- growth
-genesis creation
-por- opening
chondr/o- cartilage
-malacia abnormal softness
myel- bone marrow
-penia deficient
nonunion failure of healing of fracture
malunion fracture fail to heal together correctly
fract- break
articul- joint
chondr- cartilage
abduction move away from midline
adduction move toward midline
eversion turning outward
inversion turning inward
arthr/o- joint
burs- bursa
phalang/e- phalanx
uln- forearm bone
atrophy wasting away
ten/o- tendon
vertebr- vertebra
mandibul- the jaw
clavicul- clavicle; collarbone
scapul- scapula
carp- bones of the wrist
oss/e- bone
phalanx phalanges (pl) bone of a finger or toe
ili- ilium
glut- buttocks
necrosis death
patella kneecap
femor- femur
tibia shinbone
fibula smaller of 2 bones of lower leg
-graft splice
allo- different
auto- same, self
xen/o- foreign material
fasc/i- fascia
tars- flat surface
pod- foot
talus heel bone
Created by: tdeborde