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Drug Products Final

Drugs must be in what form to pass membranes and get access to bodily fluids? free form
Drugs will be more concentrated where they are _______. ionized
Acidic Drugs are more concentrated in _______. plasma
Basic drugs are more concentrated in ________. milk
what percentage of the mother's drug dose ends up in mother's breast milk? <5%
CYP3A4 and CYP2C9 do not reach full glucuronide conjugation capabilities until what age? 6 months to a year
The rate of increase in drug concentration with time in the dissolution medium. Drug Dissolution Rate
D = ____________. (Noyes Whitney Equation) diffusion coefficient
S= _____________. surface area
Cs= maximum ______________ of the drug in the saturated layer solubility
C= ________________ of the drug in bulk solution concentration
Cs-C= __________ ______________ between the diffusion layer and the bulk solution concentration gradient
H=___________. thickness
The driving force for dissolution is the _________ __________ between the diffusion layer and the bulk solution. concentration gradient
In the "Cs-C" part of the NW equation, we can ignore the "____" term due to the fact that our body is an _______ _______. infinite sink
The dissolution of solid into the medium. Kdis
The absorption of the drug from the solution across the membrane Kabs
Either the Kdis or the Kabs can be ________ _________. rate limiting
drugs with _____________ water solubility tend to show membrane rate limited absorption increased.
Concerning drugs with increased water solubility, the rate of dissolution is _______ than the rate of absorption greater
drugs that are increasingly water soluble tend to cause ________ __________ due to large amounts of drug in solution at the membrane. GI irritation
drugs with ___________ water solubility, tend to show dissolution rate limited absorption. (Kdis > Kabs) decreased
Concerning drugs with decreased water solubility, the rate of dissolution is __________ than the rate of absorption. less
For drugs that are __________, dissolution may be helpful in providing bioavailability. DRLA
USP has several official methods for testing _________ dissolution in vitro
__________ __________ method: sometimes criticized due to the fact the tablet is bouncing around inside the cage. rotating basket
____________ method ( one of the most popular methods for testing in vitro dissolution) paddle
The faster the drug is dissolves, the higher the _________. AUC
AUC and dissolution correlate for ___________ drugs. DRLA
the better the dissolution, the ________ the extent of absorption. higher
dissolution and ____________ may NOT be correlated. disintegration
disintegration only shows how well the drug ________ ______, not if it goes into solution breaks up
dissolution rates of ___________ formulations of a drug differ from that of the parent compound. salt
salt form of a ______ ________ may also improve its pharmacological action. weak acid
different salt forms change the dissolution of the drug at different ______. rates
salt forms are sometimes undesirable when: the salt form has a lower _______________ than the free acid form. bioavailability.
salt forms are sometimes undesirable when: _______ onset is NOT desired. rapid
salt forms are sometimes undesirable when: the drug is _________ at low pH environments unstable
_______________ is an example of an acid labile drug. erythromycin
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