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History Chp5

The Roman Empire

Patrician a rich Roman citizen
Plebeian a poor Roman
domus a private house in Ancient Rome
atrium the entrance hall of a Roman house
peristyle a walled garden at the rear of a Roman house
insulae high-rise flats in Ancient Rome
The Forum the market place in central Rome
dole free grain given to the poor
circus maximus where the chariot races were held
gladiators slaves or criminals that were forced to fight in the Colosseum
legionaries soldiers in the Roman army
aqueducts concrete archways that brought water from the mountains to the towns and cities
decimatio every tenth soldier was killed as punishment for mutiny
legions the Roman army was divided into legions. Each legion had about 4000 men
century each Legion was broken into smaller groups called centuries.
Latin the language of the Romans
Venus the god of love
Mars the god of war
Jupiter the king of the gods
amphitheatre large oval stone stadiums
fridigarium a cold room in the public baths
tepidarium a warm room in the public baths
caldarium a hot room in the public baths
strigil a wooden stick used to remove dead skin
tunic a type of dress which was tied at the waist by a belt.
toga a large piece of cloth worn by men that was wrapped around the shoulders
palla a type of large cloak worn by women
mosaic a piece of art or image made from small pieces of colored glass, stone, or other materials
fresco method of painting on freshly applied plaster, usually on wall surfaces.
manumission a special ceremony to mark the freedom of a slave
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