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blood vessels and blood circulation

type of blood vessel that carries blood away from the heart arteries
arteriole small subdivisions of the arteries;they carry blood into the capillaries
capillary tiny thin walled vessels that allow for exchanges between systems;connect arteries to venules
capillaries blood vessels with the thinest walls
to what organs does the pulmonary circuit deliver blood lungs
3 types of vessels found in pulmonary circulation pulmonary artery and its branches,capillaries in the lungs,Pulmonary veins
type of blood vessel that has 3 layers,one of which is thick and muscular thats seperated by elastic tissue arteries
most inferior portion of the aorta abdominal aorta
what arteries supply the heart musscles right and left coronary artery
what artery supplys blood to the intestine mesenteric artery
paired lateral branches of the abdominal aorta phrenic,suparenal,renal,ovarian,testicular,lumbar
what arteries supply the diaphram phrenic arteries
the abdominal aorta divides into what 2 arteries common iliac arteries
external iliac arteries continue into the thigh as what arteries femoral and popliteal
what part of the body do carotid arteries supply head and upper neck
first branch of the subclavin arteries vertebral artery
anastomosis communication between 2 vessels
purpose of an arterial anastomosis blood reaches vital organs by more than one route
what is superficial palmar arch formed by the union of radial and ulnar arteries in hand
3 largest superficial veins in the arm cephalic,basilic,median cubital
longest veins in the body saphenous veins
what veins drain the areas supplies by the carotid arteries jugular veins
what vein is formed by the union of the subclavin and jugular veins brachiocephalic vein
would a blood cell going from the left thumb to the heart pass through the jugular vein no
what part of the body does the superior vena cava drain head,neck and upper extremities and chest
what does the azygos vein drain and where does it empty drains the veins of chest wall and empties into the superior vena cava
where do the lumbar veins drain inferior vena cava
what is venous sinus a large channel that drains deoxygenated blood,but does not have the usually tubular structure of the veins
list the cranial venous sinuses carernous,petrosal,superior sagittal and transverse(lateral)
what sinuses drain the opthalmic veins cavernous sinuses
in portal system blood circulates through what befor returning to the heart a 2nd capillary bed
in hepatic portal system,the veins that drain the blood from the spleen,stomach,pancreas and intestine deliver blood to what organ instead of the inferior vena cava liver
what is the main process by which substances move between cells and the capillary blood diffusion
what kind of pressure draws fluid back into the capillary osmotic pressure
what maintains osmotic pressure plasma proteins which are too large to go through the cappillay wall
vaso constriction decrease in a blood vessels diameter,causing a decrease in blood flow
what does the precapillary sphincter do when the tissues need more oxygen widens to allow more blood to enter
3 mechanisms that promote the blood to the heart contraction of skeletal muscle,valves,breathing
the pulse is obtained most commonly by the radial artery
what fingers should be used to check pulse 2nd and 3rd finger
is the pulse faster in men or women women
will a newborn have a fast or slow pulse fast
what effect will increased blood viscosity have on blood pressure increased blood viscosity will increase blood pressure
what instrument is used to measure blood pressure sphygmomanometer
blood pressure is reported as systolic pressure first,followed by what diastolic pressure
what pressure occurs during relaxation of the heart muscle diastolic pressure
hypertension high blood pressure
essential hypertension no apparent medical cause
how does renin raise blood pressure by causing blood vessels to constrict and promotes kidneys retention of salt and water
arteriosclerosis harding of the arteries
aneurysm bulging sac in the wall of a blood vessel caused by a localized weakness in that part of the vessel
what artery may be pressed to stop hemorrahage on the side of the face and around the ear temporal artery
what artery may be pressed to avoid hemmorage of the lower extremity femoral artery
embolus a peice of the clot that becomes loose and floats in the blood
phlebitis inflamation of the vein
cardiogenic shock often complication of heart muscle damage,as occurs in myocardial infarction.it is the leading cause of shock death
septic shock usally the result of a overwhelming bacterial infection
hypovolemic shock caused by a decrease in the volume of circulating blood and may follow severe hemorage or burns
anaphylactic shock a severe allergic reaction to foreign substances to which the person has been sensitized
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