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Notes Review

Community, or retail, pharmacy practice is what? The practice of providing prescription services to the public.
Almost two-thirds of all prescription drugs in the US are dispensed by what kind of pharmacies? Community pharmacies.
What's one of the key characteristics of community pharmacies? The close interaction with patients.
Customer service is a major area of importance in the community pharmacy and technicians employed there must have strong what? Interpersonal skills.
What are the four types of community pharmacies? Independent, Chain, Mass merchandiser, and Food store.
What are two rapidly growing aspects of community pharmacies? Disease state management (DSM) programs and Medication Therapy Management (MTM) services.
DSM programs provide what? One-on-one pharmacist-patient consultation.
MTM includes what five core elements? Medication therapy review (MTR), personal medication record (PMR), medication-related action plan (MAP), intervention and/or referral, and documentation and follow-up.
Good customer service requires what? Presenting yourself to customers in a calm, courteous, and professional manner.
What are two practical ways of protecting patient's privacy? Never discussing patients outside of the pharmacy setting, and shredding documents with patient information.
What are two more ways of protecting their privacy? Speaking to patients, or about patients to other authorized professionals in private, and never discussing patients to anyone unless the patient provided written authorization to do so.
What's a major responsibility of a PT? Processing new and filling prescriptions.
What are some product stock duties of a PT? Reordering stock as needed, receiving stock, keeping the pharmacy stock organized and up to date, and knowing whom to go to to resolve stock problems.
The PT is also responsible for what? Keeping the pharmacy clean, neat, and in proper working order.
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