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Chpt 1 Human Body

An Orientation

Define: Anatomy Anatomy-study of the shape & structure of the human body and the relationship between body parts.
Name the Branches of Anatomy Gross,Microscopic,Developmental,and Comparative Anatomy.
Define Gross Anatomy and give sub-topic study of large observable structures w/o use of magnification.- Sub-topic Morphology-Study of shapes
Name 3 Major Divisions of Anatomy Regional- structures in a certain region of the bodySystemic Anatomy-system by system (cardovascular-all blood vessels,heart,blood)Surface Anatomy-internal body structural can be recognized from & relate to overlaying skin surface.
Define Microscopic Anatomy and give sub-topic Study of small observable structures with the use of magnification.Cytology-study of the structure, function & develop of cells that make up differ body parts.Histology- the study of tissues & Organs making up the entire body of an organism.
Define Developmental Anatomy and give sub-topic studies the growth and development of an organism during its life time.Embryology- Study of an organism from fertilization to birth.
Define- Compartive Anatomy Compares the body parts and functions between organisms.
Define- Physiology Physiology-study of the functions of the body.
Define- Biology Biology-study of all forms of life.
List the 3 Highly Specialized Branches of Anatomy Pathological Anatomy,Radiographic Anatomy,Molecular Biology.
List the 3 Specialized Areas of Physiology Renal Physiology,Cardiac Physiology,Neurophysiology
What are Life Functions? -a series of highly organizd and related activities which allow living things to live,grow, and maintain themselves.
What are the Vital life functions? Maintenance of boundries,movement (contractibility),responsiveness or irritablity,ingestion,digestion,transport,respiration,synthesis,assimilation,growth,secretion,excretion,reproduction,and absorbtion
Name Organ System and give Major Functions integumtary
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