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MBLEx History

SFSM MBLEx History of Your Profession

When and where do many people believe massage in American started? 1970s in California
As an occupation, when does massage therapy date back to? 1700s
What were massage therapists called in the 1700s? rubbers
What sex were typically medical rubbers? female
When did medical gymnasts surface in America? 1850s
Who developed a system of movement and manipulation to promote health, prevent disease, and treat illness and injuries? Pehr Henrich Ling
When did the titles masseuse and masseur become common? 1880s
Who outlined the categories of massage techniques? Johann Mezger
What was the first state to regulate massage as a "limited branch of medicine"? Ohio
Who became the first licenses masseuse in North America in 1916? Agnes Bridget Forbes
What was thought to be a divine healing force transmitted to an ailing patient through touch and motion? magnetism
Who would either pass their hands over the body without contact, or in some cases use light touch and stroking to stimulate vital energy? magnetic healers
When were water treatments put on a more scientific bases and referred to as hydrotherapy? late 1800s
What condition involved forced bed rest, liberal feeding and elimination of all stimulation though to agitate the patient mentally? rest cure
When did the popularity of general massage increase? early 1900s
When did the AAMM issue a policy statement asserting the right of masseuses and masseurs to practice independently from organized medicine? 1954
When did the term massage therapist become popular? 1960s
How many states have massage licensing laws today? 45
Created by: jrpotter
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