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Med Term Final

Med Prep study guide

ophthalo*scope Instrument to visually examine the eye
olig*ur*ia Pertaining to too few, not enough urine
a*trophy Process of not developing, wasting
pseudo*neur*oma false nerve tumor
macro*cyt*emia enlarged blood cells
hepat*itis inflammation of the liver
ceph*algia head pain
procto*log*ist specialist in the study of the rectum
hyper*glyc*emia excessive sugar in the blood
gastro*enter*itis inflammation of the stomach and intestine
chole*cyst*ectomy surgical removal of the gall bladder
tachy*card*ia pertaining to swift heart rate
trache*ostomy surgical new opening in the trachea
hydro*phob*ia pertaining to fear of water
osteo*pathy disease process of the bone
pneumo*graph machine to record the lung
dys*pnea abnormal, painful, or difficult breathing
encechal*itis inflammation of the brain
phlebo*plasty surgical repair of the vein
septi*cide kill infection
nephro*genet*ic pertaining to being produced in the kidney
rhino*sten*osis condition of narrowing of the nose or nasal passages
meno*rrhag*ia pertaining to monthly flow/hemorraghe
arterio* scler*osis condition of hardening of the arteries
psycho*log*ist specialist in the study of the mind
poly*dactyl*ous condition of having many fingers or toes
pyo*rrhea flow of pus
inter*cost*al pertaining to between ribs
ambi*later*al pertaining to both sides
angio*megally enlargement of the vessels
neo*kinet*ic pertaining to new movement
trans*derm*al pertaining to across the skin
a*phasia not able to speak
myo*gram muscle recording
litho*lysis dissolving of stones
hemat*uria blood in the urine
cranio*tomy surgical incision into the skull
thermo*meter instrument to measure heat or temperature
broncho*scopy process of visually examining the bronchus
oto*scope instrument to visually examine the ear
bi*later*al pertaining to two sides
an*esthes*ia pertaining to no sensation
hypo*pnea Low or decreased breathing rate
oste*oma bone tumor or mass
epi*dermis on top of the skin
micro*scope instrument to visually examine small things
cyan*osis condition of being blue
erythro*cyte red (blood) cell
hyster*ectomy surgical removal of the uterus
HIPAA Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
OBRA Omnibus Reconciliation Act
blephar*itis inflammation of the eyelid
aden*oid gland like
brady*card*ia pertaining to a slow heart rate
Created by: Mrs Buss