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What class was Bismarck? A wealthy Prussian Junker - an aristocrat
What jobs did Bismarck hold? Prussian ambassador in Paris, Prime minister of Prussia, 1862, Chancellor of the newly unified German reich from 1871-1890
What was Germany before unification? 39 separate states. Each had it's own foreign policy, government and Prince
What wars united Germany? 1864 against Denmark, 1866 against Austria and 1870 against France.
When and where was Queen Isabella dethroned? September 1868 in Spain
Who did Bismarck advance? Prince Leopald of Prussia
What was the French reaction to the advancement? They were alarmed and Gramont said if he claimed the throne it would disrupt the balance of power and endanger the interests of France.
How did Napoleon try to humiliate Prussia? He sent an ambassador to King Wilhelm in a health spa in Elms seeking assurances however Wilhelm refused to see him
Why did the french declare war? Wilhelm sent a telegram to Bismarck, who edited it before publishing it, humiliating and antagonizing the french, causing them to declare war?
What did the central/federal government consist of? The Kaiser, chancellor, bundesrat and reichstag
How many members in the Bundesrat? 58 members - 17 from Prussia
How many members in the Reichstag? 387 seats, 236 from Prussia
Created by: erinoleary3