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Recovery 1300-1600

Recovery and Expansion of Europe

What were the effects of Hundred Years war? A significant decrease in the population, a series of peasant rebellions, a more politically unified France, and an economically weaker England.
What was the Black Death? An outbreak of plague in Europe that killed between one quarter and one-third of the population between 1347 and 1352
Fifteenth century attempts by the cardinals to reform, reunite, and reinvigorate the Church are known as: The Conciliar Movement
How were the fifteenth century armies differed from their predecessors? They were composed of mercenary soldiers, they fought for pay and spoils rather than honor and feudal obligation, they relied on artillery and infantry more than on cavalry, and they created a greater need for taxes.
Of the the fifteenth century attempts by monarchs to consolidate and centralize power, the most successful was in: Spain
In the fifteenth century, the Holy roman Emperor was elected how? by a seven member council of German archbishops and nobles.
The era of daring exploration and discovery at the end of the fifteenth and beginning of the sixteenth centuries was inspired by: the search for gold and competition for the spice trade.
What was an effect of the creation of a Spanish Empire in the New World? The establishment of a hierarchical social structure of Europe
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