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MBLEx Pathology

SFSM MBLEx Pathology Terms

-algia pain
ambi-, amphi- pertaining to both sides
arterio- pertaining to an artery
arthr- pertaining to the joints
-asthenia weakness
bi- two, both, double
carcino- pertaining to cancer
cardio- having to do with the heart
carpo- having to do with the wrist
-cide, -cidal killing, destroying
cili- pertaining to the cilia, or eyelashes
corono- pertaining to the heart
cranio- having to do with the skull
cryo- cold
cyto-, -cyte cell
dermato-, dermo- pertaining to the skin
di-, dis- separation
dys- bad, difficult, abnormal
-ectomy surgical removal of a body part
-emia blood condition
endo- inside
esthesio sensation
eu- true, good, whole
gastro pertaining to the stomach
glyco- sugar
-gnosis knowledge
-gram, -graphy to record or take an image of
hemat-, hema- pertaining to blood
hemi- one half
hepat- pertaining to the liver
hetero- different from
homo- same as
hyper- extreme, too much
hypo- below normal, not enough
infra- below
inter- between
intra- inside, within
-iasis condition of, presence of
-ism disease, condition
-itis inflammation
ish- restriction
lacto milk
lipo- pertaining to fat
-logy the study of
-lysis destruction, separation
-malacia softening
mammo-, masto- pertaining to the breast
meso- middle
-metry process of measuring
morpho- form, shape
myo- relating to muscle
narco- numb, sleep
nephro- pertaining to the kidney
neuro- relating to the nervous system
-oid resemblance to
-oma tumor, mass
ortho- straight, correct
osteo- relating to the bones
-pathy disease, or disorder
peri- surrounding, around
phlebo- relating to the veins
pleur- relating to the ribs
pne-, pneum- air, breath, lungs
retro- behind
-rrhage, -rrhea discharge
sclero- hardening
semi- one half
sub- beneath, under
thrombo- relating to a blood clot
-tomy cutting open
vaso-, vasculo- relating to blood vessels
chondri- pertaining to cartilage
Created by: jrpotter