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MBLEx Hydrotherapy

SFSM MBLEx Hydrotherapy

Application of heat or cold, using water as the medium. hydrotherapy
Why was Sebastian Kneipp initially rejected from priesthood? tuberculosis
How did Sebastian Kneipp cure himself of tuberculosis? water treatments and diet
A cloth soaked in hot or cold water or infused with medicine and applied directly to the skin. hot or cold compress
Using friction with an abrasive agent such as salt or sugar added to oil or lotion to stimulate circulation to the skin and to exfoliate. salt glow or salt scrub
Immersing one body part in hot or cold water. partial immersion bath
A bath in which the client sits in a tub to immerse the buttocks, legs, torso, or entire body. sitz bath
A bath with jets that agitate the water. whirlpool bath
An enclosed room which is heated either with steam or a dry heating element. steam or sauna
A cabinet filled with steam in which the body is enclosed and the head remains outside the cabinet. russian steam bath
An immersion bath for the feet. Often used to treat pain or headache. foot bath
Placing a body part or entire body in a hot bath followed by immediate immersion in a cold bath. The process can be repeated several times. alternating hot and cold immersion
An autonomic response by which blood vessels are opened wide allowing more blood flow to an area and decreasing systemic blood pressure. vasodilation
An autonomic response by which blood vessels are narrowed, restricting blood flow to an area and increasing systemic blood pressure. vasoconstriction
The application of cold. cryotherapy
pain relief analgesia
Reddening or darkening of the skin due to vasodilation or increased blood flow to the surface. erythema
Intermittent pain along a nerve due to a nervous system disorder. neuralgia
Application of water by hand covered in a mitt or towel. ablution
The pouring of water in a stream on the body or a localized segment of the body. affusion
A soft, moist substance spread between layers of cloth, heated, then applied to a local area. poultice
A moist pad of folded material applied to an area with pressure; sometimes medicated. compress
A very hot, moist application. formentation
The drawing of blood or lymph from one part of the body, by increasing circulation to another part. derivation
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