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Urinary system

Urinary system regulates what 2 things Body fluid & electrolytes
Urinary systems removes Waste from blood
Stimulates what Red blood cell production by releasing erythropoietin
Urinary systems includes what organs Kidneys, ureters and bladder
The kids sit between what vertebrae T12 and L4
Retroperitoneal is located Behind peritoneal membrane
Retroperitoneal is surrounded by Fat
What 3 general areas are covered by the renal capsule Cortex, medulla, hilum/pelvis
The cortex is the .... section of the renal capsule and contains Outer and contains glomeruli
What kidney structure contains the renal pyramids Medulla
The renal pelvis/hilum exits ..... and forms the ..... Kidneys and forms the ureter
... span big the cortex and the pyramids in the medulla Nephrons
Nepheons generate filtrate in the Renal corpuscle
Filtrate that is generated in the renal capsule is collected and reabsorbed in a Series of renal tubules
Renal tubules connect to Collecting ducts
Collecting ducts are in the Renal pyramids
...... connect to collecting ducts in the renal pyramids Renal tubules
How many liters of filtrate are made within the kidneys 180 liters
How liters of urine do we excrete 2 liters
What happened to fluid filtrate and not excreted in urine Reabsorb it
Within the renal corpus clear is a bundle formed from a Capillary
Within the renal corustle a capillary bundle is called Glomerulus
The distal convouted tubules connects to The collecting ducts
The renal corpus clear connects to a series of tunes starting with Proximal convoluted tubules PCT
The PCT connect to Nephrons loop
The final portion of the nephrons structure is Distal convoluted tubule
Glomerulus is a bundle of LEAKY vasculature
The glomerulus allows .... to leak from ..... Fluid, capillary
The capsule around the ...... capillary collects Glomerulus , filtrate
Within the renal corpuscle, .... pressure pushes out fluid from the ..... Hydrostatic, glomerulus
..... pressure and capsular hydrostatic pressure push fluid back into the glomerulus Osmotic
Pressure is push back into the glomerulus by Osmotic pressure and capsular hydrostatic pressure
More or less fluid goes back in glomerulus Less
Pressure net some or more fluid out of glomerulus Some
After filtration is produced is it passes through the ..... system, starting with .... .... .... Tubule, proximal convoluted tubules
The proximal convoluted tubules leak Glucose, amino acids, sodium and water
The water leaked from proximale convoluted tubules is from Glomerular filtrate
The nephrons loop aka Loop of henle
What is established within the nephrons loop Ion gradient
The descending loop is or is not water permeable Is
What part of the nephrons loop is ion permeable Ascending loop
More wate leaves the ..... loop Descending
When water leaves the descending nephrons loops the solution becomes More hypertonic
What happens when the water solution becomes more hypertonic It pulls more ions out of the ascending loop
Vasa Recta absorbs water from ... Descending loop and collecting ducts
When the descending loop and collecting ducts absorb water it keeps ..... .... high and Ion concentration high and pulling more water out from the descending loop
Distal convolute tubule regulates ..... production via. ..... Urine, anti-diuretic hormone
AntI diuretic hormone makes the ..... ..... .... water permeable Distal convoluted tubule
the capillaries of the Vasa Recta allow water to be Reabsorbed
How does urine exit the tubule system Into a collecting duct
Where do collecting ducts end Renal papilla
What are the two types of nephrons CorticAL and juxtamedullary
Which nephrons is longer Juxtamedullary
Which nephrons are shorter Cortical
Which nephrons controls the most urine concentration Juxtamedullary nephrons
Which nephrons has the least control over urine concentration CORTICAL
Renal papilla ends at Minor calyx
Each papilla empties into Minor calyx
Minor caleb join to form Major calyx
What empties into the renal pelvis Major calyces
Where does the renal pelvis exit the kidney At the hilum, forming the ureter
Exiting each kidney at .... is a .... HILUM, ureter
What tunes carry uri. into the bladder Ureter
Females have a shorter or longer urethra Shorter
In males the urethra is associated with multiple glands that contribute to Seminal fluid.. semen
Created by: Miccimouse
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