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Latin Lessons 1-9

Latin roots, prefixes, and suffixes.

voc, vok voice ; call
dica, dicat proclaim ; set apart
loqu, locut speak
ben-, bon- good ; well
mal- bad ; ill
soli-, sol- alone ; only
magn- great ; large
son sound
lingu language ; tongue
langu faint ; weary
ver truth
omni- all
pauci- few
brev- [brief] short
corpor body
sanguin, sangi blood
capit, cipit head
cap, cip, capt, cept [ceive, ciept] take
mand, mend put in hands of ; entrust ; order
digit finger ; toe
dent tooth
aur ear
aur- gold
argent- silver
ferr- iron
plumb- lead
-fer, -ferous bear ; carry ; produce
teg, tect cover
cer, cert, cret sift ; separate; distinguish ; decide
sci know
sap, sip taste ; discern ; be wise
fa, fat, fess speak
far divine law
fing, fig, fict form ; shape ; invent ; imagine
quasi- as if ; seemingly
anim life ; spirit ; mind ; soul
vit, viv live
mord, mors bite
mor custom
dorm sleep
para, par [pair] prepare ; ward off
-parous bearing ; producing
mir wonder
Quer, quest, quir, quis seek ; ask
roga ask
ora mouth ; speech ; prayer
preci price ; value
pecu one’s own ; private property ; money
lucr gain ; profit
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