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Foods 1 vocab 2.05

Cleaning process The steps taken to ensure sanitation in the kitchen
Coagulate Components that react with another substance or temperature change to form single substance Ex. Proteins react with heat to form scum on milk
Conduction Foods heat or cooked through direct contact with heat. Ex-Corn heated in a saucepan
Convection The heat process by which a fan circulates the heat to shorten cooking time. Used in baking and roasting in the overnight
Cooking terms Directions in a recipe that explain the steps needed to complete he cooking process when preparing food
Cultured milk products Milk products that have an acid added to change the flavor and consistency of milk to create a new food product. Ex-yogurt, sour cream, buttermilk
Curdle Clumps that form in milk products when heated at too high a temperature
Cutting terms Directions in a recipie that explain the steps needed to cut the ingredients to prepare a particular food.
Density The volume of an ingredient in a specific amount of space. Lower density foods cook quicker than dense foods. Ex.-ground meat cooks quicker than a roast
Dried beans Legumes or beans that are dehydrated and must be sorted, washed, soaked, drained, recovered with water, boiled, and simmered to prepare for eating
Flatware Forks, knives and spoons used for eating. Also called silverware and eating utensils
Grandulated Refers to white sugar that has the texture of loose sand
High quality Characteristics of products that meet or exceed minimum requirements for a given product
Homogenized A substance that has been mechanically mixed to prevent separation of solids and liquids such as milk
Kefir Fermented milk similar ik taste to yogurt, popular in middle eastern cuisine
Kitchen centers Areas in the kitchen where particular activity occurs such as the cooking and serving center, cleaning center, food storage and preparation centers.
Leavening agent An ingredient that causes a baked product to rise. Ex.-yeast steam, baking soda, baking powder
Linens The various cloths used in preparing foods, cleaning, and eating. Ex.- dish towels, dish rags, napkins
Measuring terms Directions used to convey the amounts of ingredients in a recipe and/or procedures and equipment required to accomplish measuring
Milk scum The coagulation of proteins that form when milk is heated in an uncovered pan
Mixing terms Directions in a recipe that explain the method/process of mixing to be used to produce a food
Pasteurized A heat process used to kill bacteria in a food for food safety. Ex.-milk, eggs
Precise/accurate The EXACT amount or procedure required to prepare time and baking time
Quick bread A bread that requires a short amount of preparation time and baking time
Radiation Food cooked by waves of energy. Ex.- broiling in the oven or grilling
Ripened cheese Cheeses that have had bacteria mold or yeast to add flavor and is aged in a controlled environment before they are ready to be sold
Roux Equal amounts of fat and flour mixed and cooked to produce the base of a sauce or gravy
Scorch Food that has been cooked at too high a temperature or too long a period of time and has an off flavor. Ex.-milk, cheese, grains
Serrated The edge of a knife that has scalloped edges. Ex.-bread knife
Solid An ingredient that must be packed into a measuring cup
Spout A cupped edge on a liquid measuring cup or any other container meant to pour liquids
Tang The part of a knife that is inserted into the handle and in a high quality knife uses
Unripened cheese Soft cheese ready for sale as soon as they are manufactured
Volume The amount of space an ingredient or food takes up
Waxed paper A food preparation wrap with a waxy coating to prevent sticking. It is used for many purposes including wrapping food and resting ingredients on between food preparation steps
Weight An amount of ingredient determined by scale. Ex-1/2 pound of chocolate chips
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