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Baroque Artists

Baroque Art

Kalf the most successful Dutch still life painter- showed light play
Ruisdael most formidable of Dutch Landscape painters in the 17th c. Etcher
Heem synthesized Dutch tradition w/Flemish. Very influential. Formulated the high Baroque floral still life, best flower painter
Avercamp Winter landscapes. Atmospheric style
Oosterwyck Highest paint still life painter in all of Europe
Ruysch Dutch tradition of flower painting peaks. Wanted to please the eye
La Tour first important french painter of the 17th c. Frozen figures. Played with night lighting.
Le Nain most sensitive painter- peasant theme. dramatically different approach to classic french painting
Callot first "graphic artist" of his day, and one the greatest etchers ever
Poussain most classical painter of the 17th c, Literature=painting, French Baroque artist, sought antiquity.
Lorraine first artist to be a landscape painter in the modern sense. landscapes of the mind, classical landscape
Rigaud shrewd observer, manipulated paint beautifully
Mansart leading French architect at the end of the 17 c. signature roof. Best known of the classic architects.
Puget the maverick among french sculptors- greatest baroque french sculptor after bernini
Giradon outstanding sculptor of versailles. freestanding tomb.
Jones first to apply Italian Renaissance principles of architectural form to the total design of a building. Palladian style.
Wren work related to high Roman renaissance- founded Baroque in England
VanBrugh did most baroque english countryhouse
Boyle English palladian pilattzo. restrained architecture
Gibbs Introduced the principles of Roman Baroque architecture into England
Adam incorporates interior design using classical elements
Wood, Jr. Royal cresent- Eng architectural design
Boffrand mirrors/airyness, lightness, many windows
Watteau French Rococo. one of the greatest French painters in the 18th century. Gifted portrait painter.
Lancret Chief follower of the Watteral style, day to day reality
Nattier dominates French painting in the mid part of the 18th century. mother of pearl luster
Boucher Did erotic nudes. Most successful painter AFTER Watteau
Robert landscapes were dramatic, disturbing, gloomy
Fragonard Epitome of French 18th century rococo painting
Clodion sculptural parallel of Fragonard
Fremin vitality worthy of Bernini
Lorrain first painter of feminine nudes
Gunther bulgarian rococo sculptor
Juvara lavish Baroque with classical approach to architecture
Neumann southern Germany's greatest Baroque architect. French rococo overtones
Asam Brings Rococo to Bulvaria and W. Germany
Tiepolo supreme venetian master- one of the finest painters of the 18th c. acclaimed internationally
Canal (etto) profound effect on traveling artists, CRISP
Guardi master of view painting, last of great venetian painters
Magnasco Ruins, devastation, foreboding
Carriere pastel-oil-impressionistic popularity
Quentin La tour Analytical
Reynolds first to have an academic art opinion, mechanical
Gainsborough the most influential painter, impressionistic technique, most famous of english painters
Lawerence Fluidity
Copley Death of Major marks the zenith of his career. Romantic horror paintings, realist. (did Black Man, Watson)
Vigee LeBrun portraits on sensibility- very good portrait painter
Houdon Voltair is the key to the development of thinking. Had a mastery of 3D portraits. Finest french sculptor of 18th c. meticulous, neo classicist
Derby Fascinated with inventions
Chardin unlike Vameer, loved texture. One of the most impressive french painters of the 18c
Hogarth generated a native school of painting in England. Etcher/illustrator of continuing life and fashion. specialized in satires.
Grueze moral and sentimentalized approach admired by critics
West death of General Wolf leads to battle paintings, contemporary historical painter
Stubbs Wild animals
Fuseli terrify experience
Blake only what's on the inside, the imaginary. Poet!
Wilson first major British Landscape painter- topographical views.
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