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For Delta Flight

Warrior Knowledge Packet

Commander in Chief Honorable Barack Obama
Secretary of Defence Honorable Ashton Carter
Secretary of the Air Force Honorable Deborah James
Air Force Chief of Staff General David Goldfien
AETC Commander Lt. General Darryl Roberson
Air University Commander Lt. General Steven Kwast
Holm Center Commander Brig. General Paul Guemmer
AFROTC Commander Colonel Sherry Boles
Air Force NW Region Commander Colonel Mark Czelusta
Air Force Detachment 90 PAS Colonel Kip Turain
Detachment 90 Wing Commander C/Col Joshua Hullings
Detachment 90 Group Commander C/Col Audrey Myers
Detachment 90 Squadron Commander C/Lt. Col. Matthew Stubbs
Detachment 90 Flight Commander C/Capt. Gabriella Bruno
1. Off we go into the wild blue yonder
2. Climbing high into the sun
3. Here they come zooming to meet our thunder
4. At 'em boys, give 'er the gun!
5. Down we dive spouting our flame from under
6. Off with one helluva roar!
7. We live in fame or go down in flame. Hey!
8. Nothing can stop the US Air Force!
Operations Officer and Operations Flight Officer Major Christiane Makela
Assistant Operations Flight Commander Captain Jessica Whitney
Recruiting Flight Commander Captain Ashley Hazel
Education Officer Captain Adam Neiderheiser
NCOIC, Personel Tech Sergeant Aiysha Barno
Administration NCO Staff Sergeant Mathew McGahey
Personal Technician Senior Airman Mary Bryson
CSU/UNC Liason Mrs. Judy Rodgers
Air Force Birthday 18 September 1947
Airman's Creed Verse 1 I am an American Airman I am a Warrior I have answered my Nation’s call
Airman's Creed Verse 2 I am an American Airman My mission is to Fly, Fight, and Win I am faithful to a Proud Heritage A Tradition of Honor And a Legacy of Valor
Airman's Creed Verse 3 I am an American Airman Guardian of Freedom and Justice My Nation’s Sword and Shield Its Sentry and Avenger I defend my Country with my Life
Airman's Creed Verse 4 I am an American Airman Wingman, Leader, Warrior I will never leave an Airman behind I will never falter And I will not fail
Code of Conduct Article 1 I am an American, fighting in the forces which guard my country and our way of life. I am prepared to give my life in their defense.
Code of Conduct Article 2 I will never surrender of my own free will. If in command, I will never surrender the members of my command while they still have the means to resist.
Code of Conduct Article 3 If I am captured I will continue to resist by all means available. I will make every effort to escape and aid others to escape. I will accept neither parole nor special favors from the enemy.
Code of Conduct Article 4 sentences 1-2 If I become a prisoner of war, I will keep faith with my fellow prisoners. I will give no information or take part in any action which might be harmful to my comrades.
Code of Conduct Article 4 sentences 3-4 If I am senior, I will take command. If not, I will obey the lawful orders of those appointed over me and will back them up in every way.
Code of Conduct Article 5 sentences 1-3 When questioned, should I become a prisoner of war, I am required to give name, rank, service number and date of birth. I will evade answering further questions to the utmost of my ability.
Code of Conduct Article 5 sentence 4 I will make no oral or written statements disloyal to my country and its allies or harmful to their cause.
Code of Conduct Article 6 I will never forget that I am an American, fighting for freedom, responsible for my actions, and dedicated to the principles which made my country free. I will trust in my God and in the United States of America.
Cadet Honor Code We will not lie, steal or cheat, nor tolerate, among us anyone who does
AF Core Values Integrity first, Service before self, Excellence in all we do
Mission of the AETC Recruit, train and educate Airman to deliver air power for America
Mission of the Holm Center We build leaders
Mission of the Air Force Fly, flight and win- in air, space, and cyberspace
Vision of AFROTC A highly successful organization, respected throughout the Air Force, the educational community and the nation
Vision of the Air Force Global viligance, reach, and power
Mission of AFROTC Develop quality leaders for the Air Force
Det 90 Mission Develop, educate, train and motivate CSU and UNC cadets to be quality leaders for the Air Force
US Principles of War: Objective To direct every military operation toward a clearly defined, decisive, and attainable objective
US Principles of War: Offensive To seize, retain, and exploit initiative
US Principles of War: Mass To concentrate the effects of combat power at the place and time to achieve decisive results
US Principles of War: Economy Force To allocate minimum essential combat power to secondary efforts
US Principles of War: Maneuver To place the enemy in a position of disadvantage through the flexible application of combat power
US Principles of War: Unity of Command To ensure unity of effort under one responsible commander for every objective
US Principles of War: Security To never permit the enemy to acquire unexpected advantage
US Principles of War: Suprise The strike the enemy at the time or place or in a manner for which is unprepared
US Principles of War: Simplicity To prepare clear, uncomplicated plans and concise orders to ensure through understanding
Three Levels of Warfare Strategic, Operational, Tatcical
Strategic the level of warfare at which a nation or group determines national security objectives and develops and uses national resources to accomplish those objectives
Operational the level at war at wcih campaigns and major operations are planned, conducted, and sustained to accomplish strategic objectives within theaters or areas of operation
Tatical the level at which battles an engagements are planned and executed to accomplish military objectives assigned to tactical units or task forces
Created by: ZebraQueen12
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