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Core Vocabulary II

SAT Most Important Vocab

Diminutive Very small
Trivial, Minutiae Trifling, unimportant, insignificant, minor details
Exhort, Implore Encourage, urge
Antipathy, Animosity, Rancor, Emity Strong dislike, ill will, detesting someone
Sabotage Undermine
Digress Depart from a subject, wander, ramble
Tenacious Holding fast, showing great determination in holding onto something that is valued
Tenacity Great determination
Rancorous Greatly dislike, detesting something/someone
Indulgent Excessive generosity, overly tolerant
Indulge Allowing self to enjoy the pleasure of something
Divisive, Polarize Create disunity, dissension, break up into opposing groups
Nebulous Vague, cloudy, misty; not corporal
Analogy A similarity or likeness to something
Analogous Similar to something, evoking or liking to said thing
Fleeting, Ephemeral Very brief, lasting for a short time
Penchant, Predilection A liking or preference of something, an inclination to something
Capricious, Mercurial Very changeable, fickle, constant-shifting (mood)
Wane Decline, decrease
Boorish, Uncouth, Crass Vulgar, crude, deplorable manner; unrefined
Incredulous Disbeliving
Indignant Outrage at something unjust, injustice
Innuendo A veiled reference, an insinuation, an allusive or oblique remark or hint, typically a suggestive or disparaging one
Thwart, Stymie Stop, frustrate, prevent
Adroit, Deft, Adept, Dexterous, Nimble Have or show great skills
Admonish Earnestly caution, warn against a course of actiion
Incontrovertible Indisputable, beyond doubt
Vigilant Watchful, alert
Vigilance Constant state of defense/observation, on guard
Voracious, Ravenous Huge appetite, very hungry
Insatiable Cannot be satisfied
Callous Hardened (emotionally or physically), insensitive, unfeeling
Callus Thickened part of the skin or soft tissue subjected to friction
Intrepid, Undaunted Courageous, resolute, fearless, brave
Nonchalant Having an air of casual indifference, coolly unconcerned
Convoluted Winding, twisting, intricate, hard to grasp
Itinerant Travelling place to place, actively travelling, tendency to go place to place
Sedentary Lack of activity/tendency to do physical work/travel around
Omnipotent All powerful
Poignant Moving, touching, heartrending
Impetus A stimulus or encouragement that increased activity
Bucolic, Rustic, Pastoral Charming, unspoiled countryside
Equanimity, Unflappable, Poise Calmness, composure, even-tempered, balanced
Panache, Verve, Flamboyant Great vigor or energy; dash, esp. in artistic performance and composition
Panache (old) The feather/plump on the helm of the commander for the army to recognize
Provocative Provoking, stimulating controversy
Demure Modest
Placid, Serene Calm, quiet, undisturbed by turmoil or disorder
Fortuitous Of accidental but fortunate occurrence, having unexpected good fortune
Dispel To drive away, scatter, debunk
Amalgam A mixture, blend, combination of different elements
Amalgamate Combine, mix. blend together
Viable, Feasible Possible, within power, capable of being accomplished
Anguish Agonizing physical or metal pain; torment
Intemperate Lacking restrain, excessive
Temperate Exercising moderation and restrain
Inimical Harmful
Superficial Shallow, lacking depth, concerned with surface values
Laud, Extol, Tout, Acclaim Praise, applaud
Beguiled Enticed, captivated
Conviction Firm belief
Concur Agree
Voluptuous Very sensual (involving gratification of the senses, sexually attractive)
Dismissive Showing indifference, to disregard, reject
Disparage Belittle, speak of in slighting and disrespectful way
Galled, Irked Irritating, wearisome
Integral Essential
Pompous Pretentious, self-important
Denigrate, Malign Harmful in nature, threatening, malevolent
Cryptic Having a hidden, ambiguous meaning, mysterious
Subtle A gradual change or hard-to-notice quality
Disparity An inequality, a gap, an imbalance
Curtail Cut short, reduce
Prodigious Huge, massive
Innocuous Harmless, not hostile
Diatribe, Tirade A bitter abusive denunciation, a thunderous verbal attack
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