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Junko Parliament

Rise of Parliamentary Democracy

Phillip II "The Most Catholic King" of Spain and husband to Mary Tudor
Rump Parliament The name of the Parliament that rubber stamped all of Oliver Cromwell's laws
"Bloody" Mary The Catholic sister of Elizabeth that ruled England for five years
Divine Right of Kings The idea that kings receive their power from God and are responsible only to God
Oliver Cromwell He led the New Model Army and became the Lord Protector of England after the death of Charles I
Queen Elizabeth "The Virgin Queen"
Joint Stock Company Raising money through the sale of shares
Act of Uniformity All English citizens are to attend Anglican services or be fined for failure to attend
Charles I He was the King during the English Civil War and was later beheaded for treason
The Exclusion Crisis This led to the formation of modern political parties (Whigs, Tories)
Irish Catholics They were slaughtered by Oliver Cromwell's army
Test Act The act that states you must be Protestant to work for the government
Roundheads The followers of Oliver Cromwell and Parliament
Cavaliers The name given to King Charles' supporters
William and Mary They signed the English Bill of Rights
English Bill of Rights This document placed further limitations on the power of the monarchy in England
Restoration The name given to reign of Charles II
William Laud The Arch Bishop of Canterbury that plotted with Charles I
Mary Queen of Scots She was engaged to Phillip II and plotted against Elizabeth I
James Edward He was the Catholic son of James I that never became king
Created by: mjunko1