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Northern Renaissance

Northern Renaissance AP Review

How was the Northern Renaissance different from the Italian Renaissance? The northern was more religious while the Italian was more secular.
What was Christian Humanism? Thinkers and writers adopted a curiosity for knowledge with their research being based on the Hebrew and Greek texts of the bible.
Name a German banking family. The Fuggers!
Who developed the printing press? Johann Gutenberg
Why was the printing press so important? Books were cheaper and more people could read. Ideas were easier to spread. Reading was more important. Bible could be printed in the vernacular.
Who was Copernicus? An astronomer that said that the earth revolved around the sun. (Heliocentric system.)
Key Term- Mysticism The belief that an individual could commune with God without the aid of the church or sacraments.
Who was Erasmus? Important mystic. Championed gradual reform. Wrote on humanist issues in Latin. Wrote "The Praise of Folly".
Who was Albrecht Durer? Artist in the Renaissance. Specialized in woodblock prints.
Who's reign in England coincided with the Renaissance? Elizabeth I
What reaction did the Hundred Years War have in France? Monarchy was strengthened by a renewal of commerce. Wave of nationalism. Government centralized by the weakening of the nobility.
What kings in the 15th-16th centuries helped bring power to France? Louis XI, Charles VIII, Louis XII.
What two kingdoms joined to form modern Spain? Aragon and Castille.
Who wrote Don Quixote? Miguel de Cervantes.
Who was Jan van Eyck? Important Dutch painter.
What was Rembrandt famous for? Dutch oil paintings.
What developments helped make the Renaissance the beginning of the modern era? Foundations of capitalism were laid. Individualism emerged. Trade with New World began trend of global trade. Scientif thought emerged.
Who was considered the "Prince of Humanists"? Erasmus.
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