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Italian Renaissance AP review

Key Term- Renaissance A period of artistic, cultural, and intellectual revival. Means "rebirth".
Key Term- Secularism A belief that life was more than a preparation for hereafter. Things aside from the church.
Key Term- Humanism A literary movement that was modern in that a class of non-clerical writers concerned themselves with secular issues.
Key Term- Quattrocento Italian for 15th century
What city-state was considered the cultural hub of the Italian renaissance? Florence.
Why was the geographical location of Italy so important? It had ports and was able to start overseas trading with Asia. It was able to help spread culture from foreign nations to the rest of Europe.
What purpose did the middle class serve? They were merchants and bankers. Controlled the government of the city-states. Were patrons of the arts. Encouraged secularism. (Had money and could spend it on pleasures)
Who were the Medici family? Powerful class of bankers. Ruled the Grand Duchy of Tuscany into the 18th century. Founded by Giovanni de' Medici.
Key Term- Virtu Literally, "the quality of being a man." Meant living up to one's highest potential and excelling in all that one did. Promoted individualism.
The greatest patron of the arts during the Renaissance was ________. The church. (New commercial class and government did help though.)
What changes in art were introduced with the concept of individualism? Art was more anatomically proportional, faces had emotion and the artists showed their individual style.
Who was Leonardo da Vinci? Important artist of the Renaissance. He was a painter,sculptor, architect, engineer, writer and scientist. Painted the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper.
What was distinct about humanist writing? Dealt with politics and other things outside of religion. Also it was written by laypeople that considered writing a profession as opposed to the clergy. Written in Italian-first vernacular literature.
Who were a few humanist writers? Petrarch, Boccaccio, Leonardo Bruni, Castiglione, Machiavelli.
What book made Machiavelli famous? The Prince. (It was an observation of how governments rule withour moral judgement.)
Created by: ApEuroReview