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What assumptions did von Shlieffen make? - that the British would not enter the war - that the Belgians would not fight - that the Russians would take months to mobilise
What were the benefits of tanks in WW1? - they provided cover for ground troops - they broke the stalemate - they could traverse no man's land
What is 'shell shock'? A condition in combat where the central nervous system reaches breaking point. Today referred to as Post-Traumatic-Stress-Disorder (PTSD)
What is 'no man's land'? The heavily mined and shelled area between two trench systems.
What was the 'race to the sea'? The construction of 300 miles of trenches across France and Belgium by the Entente and the Allies to prevent encirclement.
Why did Britain enter the war? Britain had a pact ensuring Belgian neutrality, since Belgian sits of Britain's doorstep. When Germany invaded Belgium, Britain honoured the pact.
How long did the Germans expect the war to last? The Germans thought the war would be over by Christmas, (6 weeks)
Which defensive inventions helped to prolong the stalemate? Machine gun, poison gas (mustard), barbed wire, mines and heavy artillery
Created by: andrews33