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A&P1 - Chapter 18

What are peptide hormones composed of? amino acids
List some amino acid derived hormones? melatonin, norepinephrines, thyroid hormone, and epinephrine
The most complex endocrine responses involve the hypothalamus
Changes in the blood osmotic pressure would most affect the secretion of ADH
The posterior pituitary gland secretes ADH
What hormones are produced by the pars distalis of the adenohypophysis? FSH, somatotrophin, corticotropin and TSH
What are the functions of hormone oxytocin? promotes uterine contractions, is responsible for milk expression from the mammory glands, is produced in the hypothalamus and triggers prostate gland contraction
What are the functions of growth hormone? promotes muscle growth, is glucose sparing, promotes amino acid uptake by cells and promotes bone growth
Liver cells respond to growth hormone by releasing hormones called? somatomedins
The pituitary hormone that triggers the release of thyroid hormone from the thyroid gland is? TSH
The pituitary hormone that triggers the release of glucocorticoids from the suprarenal cortex is? ACTH
The pituitary hormone that promotes egg development in ovaries and sperm development in testes is? FSH
The pituitary hormone that causes the kidney to reduce water loss is? ADH
What are some know effects of thyroid hormone on peripheral tissues? increased heart rate, increase body temp, increased oxygen consumption, and increased sensitivity to adrenergenic stimulation
A hormone that can lower blodd levels of calcium is? calcitonin
The condition known as goiter can result from? little iodine in the diet
The condition known as hirsutism can result from too much? androgen production
The hormone that does the opposite of calcitonin is? parathyroid hormone
The suprarenal medulla produces? catecholamines
A horone that promotes gluconeogenesis in the liver is? cortisol
A hormone that helps to regulate the sodium ion content of the body is? aldosterone
Too little secretion of cortisol and aldosterone causes? addison disease
Describe the pineal gland. it is a component of the epithalamus, secretes melatonin, responds to light and darkness and contains pinealocytes
Inadequate iodine in the diet may lead to? a gotter
Cells can respond to ___ hormone(s) at the same time. several
Norepinephrine and epinephrine are considered to be a __ when released into the blood stream, but a __ when released at synapses. hormone, neurotransmitter
The kidneys secrete ___, ___, and ____ renin, calcitriol, and erythropoietin
Melantonin is produced by the? pineal gland
The two lobes of the pituitary gland together produce how many formones? 9
Cushing disease results from an excess of? glucocorticoids
What are the primary targets of insulin? cardiac muscle cells, adipocytes, liver cells and skeletal muscle urination
What is polyuria? excessive urination
What are some signs and symptoms that would indicate that a person has untreated diabetes mellitus? excessive thirst, blood glucose levels are very high, a large excretion of urine occurs and glucose is present in the urine in large amounts
When blood glucose level rise, ___ and when blood glucose levels fall, ____ insulin is released, glucagon is released
What hormones (1-14) are secreted?
Define calmodulin a regulatory subunit of calcium dependent enzymes
Define target cells cells that are responsive to specific hormones
Define neurohypophysis synergists
Define epinephrine
Define leptin
Created by: jnipper
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