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three colonial regions, settlement, economics

The Pilgrims arrived in the New World because... They landed in Mass. rather than Virginia
How did the Pilgrims solve their lack of government problem? the Mayflower Compact
What was the colony founded by the Pilgrims Plymouth Colony
The Pilgrims traveled to the New World because of their disagreement with the practices of the Church of England
The Puritans wanted to purify the English church of left-over practices of the Catholic Church
The increasing movement of Puritans to the New World beginning in 1630 is known as The Great Migration
The Puritans incorporated the Plymouth Colony into their larger colony called the Massachusetts Bay Colony
The Puritans were against religious freedom because they thought their church was the only correct church
Roger Williams founded the colony of _______________ . Rhode Island
Connecticut and Rhode Island were created mainly to allow religious freedom
New Englanders practiced this kind of agriculture. subsistence agriculture
The good harbors available in New England encouraged what type of economic activity Trade
Besides trade, New England prospered by fishing, shipbuilding and whaling
Native Americans in all colonies came into conflict with settlers over land
As trade between Native Americans and colonists grew, Native Am. became dependent on English goods
Conflict over land and trade led to this severe conflict in New England King Phillip's War
The effect of King Phillip's War on the Native Americans was to almost wipe them out
New Englanders won King Phillip's War by destroying the Native American ___________________ food supply
New Englanders arranged self-government by holding ________________ Town Meetings
In order to vote in a town meeting a person had to be white, own property, and be members of the local church congregation
The first real constitution in North America was the Fundamental Orders of Connecticutt
The most important characteristic of the Middle Colonies was their ________. diversity
The colony of New York was originally settled by the ___________. Dutch
The Middle Colonies were mostly settled in order to ______________. make a profit
New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania were what type of colonies? Proprietary
English proprietary colonies consisted of land given to one, or a group, of people by the King of England
In order to attract settlers, New York and New Jersey allowed religious and political freedom
Pennsylvania was created with religious freedom as a haven for Quakers
The Middle Colonies' mild climate and fertile soil made them a good place for agriculture
The main agricultural product of the Middle Colonies was grain
Slavery was not widespread in the Middle Colonies because farming grain was not labor-intensive
The main source of labor in the Middle Colonies was indentured servants
Cities in the Middle Colonies tended to grow at these types of locations. the mouths of rivers that allowed trade inland and at sea
Native Americans had a very different view of this, which led to treaties that the Native Americans misunderstood and colonists violated land ownership
When Native Americans resisted the loss of their land to the colonists, the settlers used this as an excuse to wipe out the Natives
Georgia was established as a haven for debtors and to prevent the Spanish from expanding north
A large farm growing one or a few crops to be sold for cash is a plantation
Tobacco plantations were common in Virginia and Maryland
Agriculture in the area of North Carolina was mostly of this type. subsistence agriculture
Plantations in the colony of South Carolina produced ____ and ________. rice and indigo
Rice and indigo are cash crops
The colony of Carolina was split into two colonies because they developed very differently
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