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anat and term

cha 12 and 13

normal position of uterus anteflexion
untreated PID may cause sterility and septicema
pap smear is used to diagnois primarily cervical cancer
PID affects all of the following structures uterusfallopian tubesovariespelvic structure
vaginal canal colpocleisis
primary score of syhilis chancre
multipara means woman who has delivered more than one viable infant
endometriosis means presence of functional tissue in areas outside the uterus
postnatal mean afterbirth
candidiasis means yeast infection
combined structures of the external female genetalia Vulva
hormone used to induce labor oxytocin
internal organs of reproduction ovariesfallopian tubesuterusvagina
term for onset of menses menarche
what is D&C Dialation and Curettagewidening of cervical and scarping the uterine
two hormones responsible for menstrual cycle and menopause estrogen and progesterone
one of the hormones secreted by the ovaries progesterone
wave like currents that pull the ovum into the uterine tube peristalsis
tube of sterilization tubal ligation
period of pregnancy gestation
std that infects the placenta and fetus syphilis
menstrual pain dysmenorrhea
fertilization takes place falliopian tubes
disorder caused by hypersecretion of chortisol from the adrenal cortex cushing syndrome
disorder caused by hypersecretion from the thyroxin and thyroid gland graves diease
hormones that is secreted by the adrenal medulla epinephrine and norepinephrine
hormones increases contreation of calcium and phosphates in blood parathyroid hormone
functions of t3 and t4 increase energy productions and increase rate of protein
adenohypophysis means frontal lobe of the pituitary gland
master gland that regulates other glands pituitary gland
fuction of the hormone glucagon raised blood glucose level
hormone responsible for increasing blood sugar glucagon
the function of PTH regulate calciumenchance the absorption of calciumhave kidneys to convert blood calciumincrease the excretion
hormone that regulate metabolism glucocorticoids
which gland that secretes hormones to regualte metabolism thyroid
3 target organs for PTH boneskidneyintestines
hormone that lower blood pressure insulin
giantism and dwarfism result from improper hormone from which gland growth hormone
est for abnormal condition of low sodium in blood hyponatremia
state of equilibrium homeostasis
functions of the pituitary gland regulate body activitiesstimulate other glands
PTH is located where posterior surface of the thyroid gland
drugs to lower cholesterol antihyperlipidenics
galact/o milk
colp/o vagina
mamm'o breast
salping/o tube
pweine/o perineum
oophor/o ovary
cervic/o neck
gynec/o woman
uter/o uterus
men/o menstruction
amin/o amnion
hyster/o uterus
nat/o birth
-arche beginging
-tocia childbirth or labor
endo- within
-stenosis narrowing
brady slow
tachy rapid
dys difficult
-para to bear
-salpinx tube
ante- in front of
-version turning
-gravida pregnant woman
post after
-cyesis pregnancy
primi- first
gen- forming or orgin
-crine secrete
exo- outside
-dipsia thrist
poly many or much
eu- good or normal
-uria urine
sphyxia pulse
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