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Pat Sup

Guard Mount Checklist Pass down, BOLO's, Access Lists, Special events, duress word, Training, Equipment check, Muster, Turn around procedures, Post presentation, RAM's
Use of Force Instruction DOD Directive 5210.56
Physical Security Instruction OPNAV 5530.14E
Instruction which covers Guard Mount NTTP 3-07.2.1
Instruction which covers ECP's, Use of Force, and Jurisdiction NTTP 3-07.2.3
What is ADHOC Mass notification System used to send out alerts
How many guard mounts a day? For Whom? 5+ Morning ASF & NSF, morning DOD, CVI, MWD, Afternoon ASF, afternoon DOD
What is the number of personnel to man the shift at 0600 on a weekday? 23
MEVA stands for what? How many total? Mission Essential Vital Asset 17
Where are the clearing barrels? RFI, outside 994, Patrol Sup unit
Where are the SAPR/DV advocates located? In 2556 go right through door way to the end of the hall and will be on left hand side.
Daily duties of Patrol Supervisor? Accounting for ASF, NSF, DOD, completing guard mounts, ensuring all required checks are completed, signature and verification of all patrol check sheets and vehicle sheets, checking scrubs & DJ's
8 Justifications of Deadly Force (First 4) Inherent right of self defense (NSF us) Defense of others (all emergency response personnel) Assets vital to national security (Nuclear weapon) Inherently dangerous property (torpedo)
8 Justifications of Deadly Force (Last 4) National Critical Infrastructure (Hoover Dam, must be designated by president) Serious offenses against persons (sniper) Arrest or apprehension Escapes (Designated by heads of DOD)
Fire Arm Safety Rules Treat every weapon as if it were loaded Never point a weapon at anything you do not intend to shoot Keep your finger straight and off the trigger until ready to fire Keep weapon on safe until you intend to fire.
Use of Force Continuum Cooperative Controls (verbalization) contact controls (handcuffing) compliance techniques (mach moves) Defensive/Intermediate weapons (OC, baton, MWD) deadly force
COC who requires a post brief? Regional Admiral Mays, Captain Moore, Commander Richards, CMC Cordon, LT Smoot, SGT Crosby, Mr. Kittleson, Chiefs & Watch Commanders in government vehicles
Deadly Force definition Deadly force is the force that a person uses causing or that a person knows or should know would create a substantial risk of causing death, serious bodily harm, or injury.
Deadly Force Justification definition Deadly force is justified only under conditions of extreme necessity and as a last resort when all lesser means have failed or cannot reasonably be employed.
Serious Bodily Harm definition Does not include minor injuries such as black eyes or bloody nose, but does include fractured or dislocated bones, deep cuts, torn members of the body, serious damage to internal organs or other life threatening injuries.
Force definition Physical presence, action, or exercise of strength to compel another to act or refrain from certain behavior.
M9 Condition codes 1 magazine inserted, round in chamber, slide forward, safety on 2 NA 3 Magazine inserted, no round in chamber, slide forward safety on 4 no magazine inserted, no round in chamber, slide forward, safety on
M9 Ranges Max 1800 meters Max Eff 50 meters
M500 Ranges Max 604 meters Max Eff 46 meters
M4/M16 Ranges Max 3600 Max Eff 500/550 meters
SIPR 109 room is accessible to who? Where is the access list? SECO, Kittelson, MAC Gonzales, Bon Bianco, MA1 Ellis Located on top of the safe
Who is 5 ton qualified? Newman & Soltero
Where are the two barrier farms? Ault field is off Princeton by old restriction barracks, seaplane is up by BLDG 27 Dolly
Where are all EOC's? Primary BLDG 385 Secondary Firehouse 71 in training classroom Tertiary BLDG 22
EOC evacuation includes what items? 2 pelican cases with laptops, radios, binders and all items from safe.
BDOC? BASH? stand for what? Base Defense Operations Center/ Bird Animal Strike Hazard
SIRC? How many snow plows? Snow & Ice Removal and Control Procedures 6 Snow plows
Requirements to execute SIRC? Priorities when doing so? Made prior to 2 inches of snow/ notification to PAO of status prior to 0500 Flight line and hospital access
What is CAT 5 and who applies? KEY essential personnel include security, EMS, fire, EOC
What is CAT 2 and who applies? MISSION essential personnel includes all non essential personnel
Setting C/D directed by who? Comes down from ROC Region Operations Center but ultimately authorized by the CO
Types of counseling? Positive/Negative/ informal
Where do we come up with our training? Long Term Training Plan and instruction NTTP 3-07.2.1
3 purposes of guard mount training inspection instruction
Who approves SOP's ? The Commanding Officer
Who approves PPR's ? The SECO
ICP Must be mobile, Decision making capabilities, Communication with everyone
To activate the C/D Watch bill you need? C/D Watch bill, Action sets, Barrier plan
ATO's job with FPCON change? Will verify message traffic, coordinate with tenant command ATO's
What is a PGB? Primary Gathering Building 50 people per 430 SQFT
Where are the wrenches for barriers? 2 in supply 1 with MA1 Ellis
Directions to Lake Hancock? Down 20 take right on Puget drive and then a left on Rocky Way
Who activates ASF? Who is the ASF Coordinator? The CO activates, MA1 Hendrickson is ASF Coordinator
Five Eyes Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States, plus Japan
Function of command post Assist in evacuation, request assistance, instruct and coordinate, set up perimeter, control all radio traffic
SCIF Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility
Created by: patsup