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500~525 ACT

for SAT ACT Vocabulary

something that differs from the norm aberration
to remain, to put up with abide
to renounce 공식적으로 버리다, 포기하다 abjure
denial of comfort to oneself abnegation
prone to aggression and conflict 호전적인 bellicose
doing goods 자비심 많은 자선의 benevolent
to pass on 남기다 유증하다 bequeath
a gathering together 집합 합류 confluence
to complete 성취, 완성하다 consummate
to contradict, oppose, violate 위반, 부정 하다 contravene
to hand over responsibility for something delegate
guiet, modest, reserved 예의바른 점잔빼는 demure
to feel or express sorrow 한탄하다 deplore
to belittle, depreciate 하찮게보다, 비난하다 deprecate
extremely lively, enthusiastic 기운이 끓어넘치는, 원기왕성한 ebullient
impudence 뻔뻔스러움, insolence 건방짐 effrontery
to bring forth, draw out 이끌어내다, 유도해내다 elicit
meticulous, having high standards 가림이 심한, 까다로운 fastidious
symbolic figurative
to disregard or disobey openly 대놓고 어기다, 조롱하다 flout
Created by: claire218
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