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Haney Med Term 7

Haney Med Term C20 7

abduction Movement of a limb away from the body
adduction movement of a limb toward of the axis of the body
anteroposterior from the front of the back of the body. commonly associated with the direction of the x-ray beam
aortography A radiographic process in which the aorta and its branches are injected with any various contrast media for visualizations
arthrography A method of radiographically visualizing the inside of a joint by injecting air of contrast medium
axial pertaining to or situated on the axis of a structure or part of the body
betatron A cyclic accelerator that produces high energy electrons for radiotherapy treatments
brachytherapy the placement of radioactive sources in contact with or implanted into the tissues to be treated
cineradiography the filming with a movie camera of the images that appear on a fluorescent screen, especially those images of body structures that have been injected wit a nontoxic, radiopaque medium for diagnostic purpose
computed tomography an x-ray technique that produces a film representing a detailed cross section of tissue structure
digital radiography any method of x-ray image formation that uses a computer to store an manipulate data
Doppler effect the apparent change in frequency of sound or light waves emitted by a source as it movies away from or toward an observer
eversion a turning outward of inside out, such a turning of the foot outward
extension a movement allowed by certain joints of the skeleton that decreases the angle between two adjoining bones, such as bending the elbow,which decreases the angle between the humerus and the ulna
flexion A movement allowed by certain joints of the skeleton that decreases the angle between two adjoining bones, such as bending the elbow, which decreases the angle between the humerus and ulna
fluorescence the emission of light of one wavelength when exposed to light of a different, usually shorter wavelength, a property possessed by certain substances
fluoroscopy a technique in radiology for visually examining a part of the body or the function of an organ using a fluoroscope
gamma camera a device that uses the emission of light from a crystal struck by gamma rays to produce an image of the distribution of radioactive material in a body organ
half life the time required for a radioactive substance to loose 50% of its activity though decay
interstitial therapy radiotherapy in which needles or wires that contain radioactive material and implanted directly into tumor areas
inversion an abnormal condition in which an organ is turned inside out, such as uterine inversion, also refers to turning inward, as in iversion of the ankle
lethal capable of causing death
Created by: Anthony_Zampieri